Fashion Startup Intensive Course

Fashion Startup Intensive CourseThis is our BEST SELLING program designed to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know start to finish on how to produce a successful fashion line.

The program consists of:
  • 8 Class Modules, 60-90 mins each, 1 delivered every other week for 16 weeks= Value $2,000
  • Over 125 “Done-For-You” Cheatsheets, Templates, Checklists & Scripts to guide you along the way= Value $250
  • Private Facebook Mastermind group where you can ask me questions and collaborate with other members of the group= Priceless!
  • 2 private individual calls with me, 1 halfway through program and 1 at the end of the program= Value $500

Here’s what a student said about the program,

“The Fashion Startup Intensive course definitely covers what it promotes. The course was great and very comprehensive. Every class came with good materials that we could review (before or after) to understand the areas covered. It is definitely intense but that is what I was looking for. It gives a good recap of what you need from multiple perspectives in order to get your business going. It covered business plan, marketing, product development, crowd funding, etc. I highly recommend it even if you are not completely ready to launch your fashion line as it will give you a lot of tools to accomplish your goal. I also appreciate that we get two different calls with our mentor and are able to get some of our questions answered in an approachable manner. This is a pro when comparing this class against other classes online where you may not even be able to ask questions or interact with someone. I am looking forward to future courses from Fashion Angel Warrior.”– Daniela

The program is designed for:
  • Anyone who likes the idea of having someone who has already done it, hold your hand and show you the way
  • Anyone who is a procrastinator or perfectionist and needs a coach to help them get things done
You will learn:
  • How to do the right market research so you know if your idea will be profitable before you waste any time or money
  • How to price your garments effectively so that you remain competitive in the market while also making a profit!
  • How to get your items in more stores/Sell more online
  • The one thing you can do to get stores BEGGING to have your line

and so much MORE!

We will also discuss:
  • 12 Ways to grow a Massive Email List without even having a product to sell

  • All the proper documents and forms you need BEFORE you go to Market

  • How to set up your Crowdfunding campaign for success!
  • How to get the most famous celebs wearing your line without having to pay for PR!

    and so much MORE!

Starting a fashion line is not easy, less than 2% of new lines actually make it, and those that do typically have a coach or mentor helping them.

Other courses online= $1,500

TOTAL VALUE of Course= > $2,900.

One time only price of $849! That’s over 70% off what you’d normally pay! That’s Ridiculous! I cannot even believe I am offering this at such a low price. But there is one catch…


Open Enrollment only happens 2x per year.

Program begins Jan 2018 and finishes in May 2018.



-What if I don’t have the $849 right now?

Please email us to discuss payment plan options

-Is there a money back guarantee?

Yep you bet!  I believe in this course so much, that I’m willing to give you your money back if after 30 days of taking the courses you don’t see value. But you must do the work. You must watch the first 2 classes and submit the homework. I only want to have those that are willing to put in the time and effort take this course. You can’t benefit from something if you don’t do the work required.

-Are the Classes Live or recorded?

These are recorded classes! However there will be Live calls inside the Private FB Mastermind group so you can ask all of your questions there.

-How long do I have to watch the recorded classes?

You will have a lifetime to watch the recordings.  So if you missed something or forgot, no worries!  The information is there for you when you are ready!

-How long do I have to use the 1 on 1 coaching calls?

The 2 coaching calls included with the program expire 1 year from the start date of the course

-Can I take just some of the classes individually?

Yes, you can!  Each class is sold separately as well! But the FB group and 1 on 1 calls are not included.  Click here for more info on those!



Class 1: Foundation

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to maintain a Winning Business Owner Mindset
  • Which Channels of Distribution are the Best for you!
  • Where you can Cut Costs and How to Properly Budget so there are no surprises later
  • How to get Super Clear on your market segment and price point!
  • How to raise the capital you need
  • and Much more!

Valued at $200

Class 2: Market Research

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to do the RIGHT market research ahead of time to be sure your idea will be a success!
  • The secret to finding out who your Target Customer really is
  • How to find your Top 10 Competitors
  • How to develop a clear USP that will make you stand out from your competition
  • How to come up with the PERFECT name for your line
  • and Much more!

Valued at $200

Class 3: Digital Marketing  (90mins)

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to drive traffic to your online store
  • What to post on social media to SKY ROCKET engagement
  • How to PROPERLY build your website including Keyword research & a Website Building Checklist
  • How to write an Effective blog post & 7 Places to Post it!
  • 12 Ways to grow a Massive Email List
  • Logos, Taglines
  • Business set up logistics And MORE!

Valued at $300

Class 4: Sourcing & Design (90mins)

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to source the RIGHT fabrics at the RIGHT price!
  • How to develop and merchandise your line so buyers will want EVERYTHING!
  • How to interview a patternmaker & manufacturer
  • Everything you must include on your tech packs
  • Understanding MARKUP and how to do a Cost Sheet so you can be PROFITABLE
  • Fittings, and Much MORE!

Valued at $300

Class 5: Crowdfunding

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • What is needed for a Successful campaign
  • How to create IRRESISTIBLE rewards that will have those donations POURING in!
  • How to properly plan for a Photoshoot and Videoshoot
  • How to get a Core team of people to help promote your campaign for you
  • How to PROMOTE your campaign so that Day 1 is a huge success!
  • How to continue raising money even after your campaign is over!
  • and Much MORE!

Valued at $200

Class 6: Market Ready

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to create a line sheet that actually SELLS!
  • All the proper documents and forms you need BEFORE you go to Market
  • How to Understand your Delivery & Calendar so you never ship late!
  • How to create Amazing Hangtags and Labels without breaking the bank
  • The 4 types of E-Commerce emails you MUST be sending
  • 10 tips to craft emails that convert to customers!
  • and Much MORE!

Valued at $200

Class 7: Sales (90mins)

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to pitch buyers WITHOUT looking desperate
  • My 12 step process that will show you EXACTLY how to approach buyers
  • 17 Tips to ensure your launch party is a SUCCESS!
  • The one thing you can do to get stores BEGGING to have your line
  • The EXACT questions you need to ask showrooms & sales reps so they don’t take advantage of you
  • How to make your tradeshow booth STANDOUT from the rest
  • 5 Ways to INCREASE your sales online
  • How to find the PERFECT pop up shop
  • and MORE

Valued at $300

Class 8: Production

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to cut costs with marking and grading
  • How to EASILY figure out your grade specs
  • How to PROPERLY set up your Cutting Tickets
  • You’ll create a PO contract that will ensure you’re 100% covered should anything happen with your factory
  • The 4 most crucial Quality Control Checkpoints to ensure your garments come out amazing
  • How to package your items to CUT COSTS and be ON BRAND!
  • and Much MORE!

Valued at $300


So let’s recap everything you’re going to get

8 Classes= > $2k

125 Cheat sheets, templates= $250

FB Mastermind group= Priceless!

2 Private sessions= $500


Now If All this course did was…

Save you a year of struggling, would it be worth it?

Help you avoid losing thousands of dollars with fake showrooms and sneaky sales reps, would it be worth it?

Help you get orders from 5 stores would it be worth it?

Take a look at what another student said about the class,

“Christine’s FSI course is incredible!  Because I’m working on a manufacturing endeavor, I wanted to gain more knowledge about the elements of producing a line.  The course really delivered, I learned so much!  The session topics expanded upon my own industry experience, and took me to the next level.  The sessions are very content rich – Christine understands how to communicate her itinerary in a format that thoroughly addresses the nuances of the subject matter.  Also, having the ability to rewatch sessions helped to reinforce my learning experience.  Take this class!” – Nicole