Christine DaalHi, I’m Christine Daal, the founder and CEO of Fashion Angel Warrior.

Fashion Angel Warrior is a company dedicated to mentoring and coaching individuals on how to succeed in this tough competitive industry.  Whether you want to start your own line or learn how to become a fashion designer, you have come to the right place! Working with both start-up and established designers/entrepreneurs to help them grow PROFITABLE businesses. From group coaching to online courses, our main goal is to help you turn your passion for fashion into a reality!

With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, I have worked as a designer for various companies including Polo Ralph Lauren, Jones Apparel Group, Adrianna Papell, and Flip Dresses. I also supervised an entire sample room at one point in my career.  With over 50 sample makers, 50 pattern makers, and 5 cutters under my supervision, I received first hand experience on the entire manufacturing process.  From laying out border and placement prints with cutters to instructing seamstresses which seam finishes to use, I was involved from start to finish.  I have always loved both the design and manufacturing side of the industry.

I had a lot of success early on in my career, reaching the position of Head Designer by the age of 24 and then Vice President of Design and Merchandising by the time I was 30.  My work has been featured on various TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, CNN, Inside Edition and QVC as well as in magazines such as Seventeen Prom, Teen Prom, Savvy, Elle, and Lucky. I feel so blessed to have done so many things throughout my career, from shopping trips to Europe to dressing models backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, to designing for celebrities, and even starting my own fashion line (which sold out its first 2 weeks in store!)  I have been interviewed as a fashion expert in the book “Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls” by Debbie Kiederer and Marybeth Maida, and I even had the honor of being interviewed during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Now I want to help you achieve the same dreams and success!


What is Fashion Angel Warrior all about?

After being in the industry for so many years, I started to notice some common issues that were occurring.  First, the job market was, and still is, dramatically decreasing and yet the number of fashion design graduates is increasing every year making it even more difficult to find a job in such a saturated market.  Even back when I graduated at F.I.T., I was one of only a couple of students in my entire class to be offered a position in design right out of college.  And most of my classmates to this day NEVER found a job in the fashion industry.  Second, I quickly noticed that industry trade information was always kept very secretive.  The industry is so competitive that people are not willing to share their expertise, contacts, or resources with ANYONE in fear that they would knock them off and they’d be out of business.  Third I saw that there was a common thread of, “It’s WHO you know not WHAT you know.”  6 out of the 7 positions I’ve had I landed because I knew someone- That’s CRAZY!  To me, all of this just doesn’t seem right or fair!  So I decided to do something about it.

Christine Daal / Fashion Angel Warrior - Helping fashion start ups since 2011In 2011 I launched my consultant agency, Fashion Angel Warrior LLC.  My mission is to help adequately prepare you for this tough competitive industry and to look your best while doing it!  Our agency consists of a whole team of fashion mentors and experts who are ready to meet all of your needs.  From Production/Importing consultants with over 30 years of experience, to Graphic/Web designers, to Retail/Marketing consultants, Stylists and more, we are a complete one stop shop.  We offer private and group coaching in many areas including fashion start up coaching, design and production development, career coaching, resume building, interview prep, image consulting, closet makeovers, personal shopping, and more.  As a client you will have 100% of our attention.  We will provide you with all the tools and resources needed to succeed.  And you will have access to my vast list of contacts and resources, which in this industry is crucial to have.  Over the years I’ve helped individuals all over the world achieve their dreams and I’d love to do the same for you!

Why should you hire us? What sets us apart from other fashion business coaches?

  1. We are the MOST AFFORDABLE!We literally have a service for everyone no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, and no matter the budget. Yep, we have online trainings that start as low as $29! We try our very best to keep our costs down because we understand that you’re trying to start a business.
  2. We are a FULL SERVICE agency!  This means that from beginning to end we can help you no matter what area of expertise you may need. Our team consists of project managers with over 20 and 30 years of experience in the industry, tech designers, import and logistics specialists, digital marketing and social media gurus, influencer marketing coaches, photographers, fashion lawyers, copywriters, and more! Because of this we’re able to tell you exactly where you need to spend money and where you can save. Other agencies that specialize in only 1 or 2 things are naturally going to tell you to spend your money on those 1 or 2 things. Since we offer everything we can give you our unbiased opinion on what you really need.
  3. We don’t do any patternmaking or production in house!  You may be thinking that’s not a good thing, but let me explain. Every type of garment and fabric is different, it requires different machinery and finishes and so it takes a very experienced and skilled person to know how to handle different types of products. Swimwear is not the same as tailored suits which is not the same as fur coats or evening gowns. In order to be able to service all of our varying client products we have partnered with some of the top patternmakers and manufacturers across the country and the world which helps ensure you’re placed in the right factory for your product and brand as opposed to us just using our own factory or patternmaker because we need to meet overhead costs. And with our project managers in NYC, LA, and Miami, we can even oversee the product development and production process for you.
  4. We’ve got Connections!   We have built up a list of preferred vendors and suppliers that we know and trust. From manufacturers domestic and overseas, to PR showrooms, retailers, fulfillment centers, and more we can help you build the team you need to succeed. And these are people that are willing to work with small startups and have low minimums. Because of the relationships we’ve built we’re able to get you better pricing and help where you need it most. As a perk for being one of our coaching clients, Fashion Startup Intensive students, or Tour attendees, you get access to this entire list! Plus some of our manufacturers won’t even work with you unless you are a client of ours.
  5. We focus on SALES from the beginning!   Rather than focusing on the production of the product, we encourage you to focus on the sales/marketing side instead. This way we can make sure that your product will sell as soon as it’s launched. This helps our clients use their budget wisely and not end up with tons of inventory that they can’t move because they didn’t have a sales strategy.
  6. We are a Christian-based Business   Which means we tithe 10% of our profits to our local church, and we pray with and for our clients.

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Here’s a Brief Recap:

  • Over 12 years of experience in fashion working for companies such as Adrianna Papell, The Jones Group, SL Fashions, & Flip Dresses
  • Work has been shown on Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, CNN, Inside Edition, and QVC.
  • Designs have been featured in Seventeen Prom, Teen Prom, Savvy, Elle, & Lucky magazines
  • Interviewed as a fashion expert  in the book “Beauty Pearls for Chemo Girls” by Debbie Kiederer and Marybeth Maida
  • Head Designer by age of 24, VP of Design & Merchandising by age of 30
  • 8 years experience dressing models backstage at NYFW & Miami Swim Week
  • Extensive work directing photoshoots
  • Started consultancy agency, Fashion Angel Warrior LLC in 2011
  • 2x Critic for AAS students at Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Fashion lecturer at St. Jean Baptist High School
  • Started my own fashion line which sold out of the first retail store in 2 weeks!
  • Helped numerous individuals and businesses achieve success in industry

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Here’s what our clients say about us!


“We are business savvy and fashion-minded, but we would have failed at designing our first clothing line had it not been for Christine Daal and Fashion Angel Warrior.  It all started with the practical online classes, then we purchased consulting hours, did the NYC factory tour, and finally used her project management services.  This resulted in 24 styles in custom colors being designed and manufactured in the span of one year—-during the COVID19 outbreak.  Whew! Hat’s off to Fashion Angel Warrior for making our journey possible!
— Caldwell Collection

“I really enjoy working with you.  You are truly inspiring and I can see you give me 100% of your energy and efforts, you are all in!!  You have done wonderful work on both the product and digital side.  I love the way everything has turned out; I am not easy to please and you by far surpassed my expectations.  I am looking forward to seeing what else you will be pleasantly surprising me with as we continue down this journey together. Fashion Angel is a really good slogan for you and fits you perfectly.”
— Bomba Bambola

Christine helped take our brand from $0- 1 Mil in sales in our very first year!  We knew that if we wanted to be successful, we were going to need help and we couldn’t have done it without her. She was instrumental in putting together the right team of people (assistant designer, patternmaker, production manager, sales rep, etc) as well as sourcing fabrics, designing the line, attending fittings, working with buyers, coordinating production etc. Her organization and calendar planning helped to ensure we were always on time and the systems she implemented we were able to learn and continue doing without her which was so helpful to us.  We can’t recommend her more!”

— Wardrobe A

“Christine is fantastic. She has accompanied me on multiple meetings with fabric suppliers and sewing contractors as a consultant. In each, she performed flawlessly. Christine gave me – a newcomer to the fashion industry – instant credibility with the companies with which I was negotiating and, in one instance, secured a quote for half of the manufacturing price I had received before I brought her on. She is quick witted and an intelligent negotiator. Further, she provided me with a variety of cheat sheets and sample documents to help get my brand up and running. Christine is well connected in the industry, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”

— Jonathan Brigati

“I have worked with several consultants over the years and no one has matched the service that Christine provides!  She has provided guidance that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  In our first meeting, she was able to point out changes to my financials (and specifically my cost sheet) that would increase my profit!  She is very professional and supportive. Every session, she gives me so much valuable information in just one hour.

— Ruth Bielobocky
Online Courses

Christine is so awesome with the way in which she set up and designed the Fashion Startup Intensive Program. Her intensive course is worth whatever you deem is necessary to build your line. I highly recommend her courses.

— Margo Braud

“We followed Christine’s guidance from one of her classes on how to get in touch with celebrities. We used the templates for the emails and I was able to get in touch with two celebrities! We have learned so much from Christine on this journey! She has been a true blessing to us and our business.”

— SHHandbags

“This is the most affordable AND comprehensive fashion course I stumbled upon, and I did my research.”

— Mia

“I just finished watching your video and it is packed full of information as promised.  Wow – there are a lot of handouts!!  I feel I have gotten my money’s worth!  You have the best intentions to help people and so far I have found your courses very useful.  I’ve just ordered two more!!”

— Janet

“Christine’s advice, teachings, and dedication to have her students succeed is so valuable. I highly recommend her classes. She has helped me bring my jewelry business to the next level!”

— Sasha

The Fashion Startup Intensive classes are rich with information to start your fashion business. They really force you to think things through so you don’t waste time and money like you might otherwise do. The classes offer so many free resources and vendor contacts that I would not have had a clue about! The value of these classes is great for the price.

— Melissa Jones - Harrity

“This is a pro when comparing this class against other online classes where you may not even be able to ask questions or interact with someone.”

— Daniela

For anyone who is “on the fence” about attending a Fashion Angel Warrior tour, I would highly recommend it. As a two time participant, in person (New York) and the Virtual Manufacturers Tour, I found both to be very informative.

— Elvatanza

“I really enjoy the tour and learned so much from it. I was even able to go back to a manufacturer the following day and have him change his mind about working with me on a project, Only with 6 hours of the tour.”

— Rosy

“Don’t hesitate to sign on for the next Fashion Angel Warrior tour with Christine wherever the next one will be. I attended her most recent tour in LA and it was phenomenal! So much information, so many contacts made, so much learned in one day not just on the tour stops but non-stop information talking to Christine in between stops, at lunch and afterwards for a relaxing drink to cap off the day. It’s well worth the money!”

— Angela Hayden

“The tour was great! In a short time I learned what would take me weeks.”

— Aaron

“I took the manufacturing tour. Definitely recommend it for getting to know Christine and hearing her input and for learning about manufacturers. Both great benefits for the tour! Eye opening for sure!”

— Allyson Block
Digital Marketing Services

“It’s been incredibly helpful working with Christine in regards to building the website traffic and social media. As a designer, you spend so much time designing, and then you’re too tired to even deal with the rest. I love working smarter by outsourcing these services and having the right team.”

— InphormNYC

“We recently hired Mariah from the FAW team for Instagram content service and we were so happy with the results and how beautifully it turned out. She helped us craft the right wording for our audience paired with the perfect imagery. Looks so professional. If you are serious about fashion and building your Instagram the right way, you should definitely sign up for the IG Starter Pack too!”

— Jennifer Ladd

“What an absolute amazing experience working with Christine and her team over at Fashion Angel Warrior. I went ahead with the Instagram Growth program and within a few days, I was already up a hundred REAL and engaging followers. That’s what I love about this service, targeted followers catered for my brand base. Even if you just want free business help in general, join their exclusive FB group- The Fearless Fashionpreneur! Thanks again guys!!”

— Kevin Abner

“Let me start by saying the Instagram Growth program has been a great investment. I have tried other services like this and non can compare.  I started with 1,500 followers and that number doubled to 3,000 in just one months time.  The on-board process was very simple and they gather all the info which showed me how they treat each client as an individual and not just another account.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is not social media savvy and/or wants to focus on growing their social media presence but doesn’t have the time.”

— Clara M.

Check out our 5 star Google Reviews!

Fashion Angel Warrior to the rescue! After launching @CoolRevolution (PJs for women with night sweats), we needed advice on how to take our business to the next level and increase sales. Christine did an audit of our site, gave us specific recommendations, plus connected us to experts to help. After only two months, our ROI has more than TRIPLED!  Looking forward to having a long-term partner!
Laura Musall

Working with Fashion Angel Warrior will change your perspective of, “Can I be a successful brand owner?” to “WOW,  this is pretty dope to own my own store”. They have every tool,  process,  and connect in place that makes the journey fun and engaging. I took the FSI and the IG Growth Program. I absolutely would recommend using their services.  The FSI is the JUICE!!!

Janoffery Clark

I met Christine Daal, at a market event when we were just beginning our line, Swatzell + Heilig. She was able to help us and within our budget.  Over the past two years, we have taken courses, hired them to help with our Instagram, and more. We love the spirit of camaraderie that they encourage between their clients and the sincere willingness to help us succeed.  We are thrilled working with FAW.  I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to start their own line.

Beverly Swatzell