Free Resources

I get asked for recommendations and contacts all the time and I love sharing them with all of my clients! Here’s just a few to get you started.

Printing and Business Basics

Business cards
  • Vistaprint – Really great resource for printing business cards. Starting at $7.99 for 100 cards. Use this link for 30% off plus free shipping!
  • Overnight Prints­ – Need prints FAST?! Try this site
Logo Design­
  • Fiverr is a great tool for many different business needs including logo design. The site allows you to pay someone around $5 to complete a multitude of tasks from graphic design to video editing.
  • 99Designs is also a great site for logo creation. You can pay to have a bunch of professional designers compete to make your logo! Prices start at $299
  • Hatchwise­ – For roughly $200 you can create a logo contest. Multiple designers submit options and you chose which one you like best.
  • QR Code generator­ – Free QR code. Great to put on business cards or hang tags!
  • Bimbostix Media (under logo design)  Logo designs starting at $400 and up.  Can do custom scripts and calligraphy as well.
  • Sticker You is a one stop shop for all of your sticker needs, something important to your brand that not everyone thinks about.

Business Setup Needs

  • FTC and RN#’s­ – This is where you will have to register your company once it gets off the ground. Also, this is where you will get your RN number which will go on your labels.
  • Trademark­ – Use the TESS search in order to see if your business name is taken already. Then file for a trademark once you are ready.
  • Copyright­ – You’ll want to copyright your sketches, website, etc so you are protected.
  • Taxes­ – For general tax information go to the IRS website. There is also a helpful list of business expense categories you can write off so you can be sure you are taking advantage of being a business owner.

File Storage/Sharing Tools

  • Google Drive­ – It’s free to use once you set up a Gmail email address.
  • Dropbox­ – This tool gives you 2GB for free. After that plan pricing ranges for more space.
  • Box­ – Similar to dropbox, plans start at $5/month.

Payment Processing

  • Square­ – This is great if you want to take credit card payments in person. Perfect for pop up shops and events. The card reader itself is free, but there are payment processing fees
  • Paypal for business­ – Great for accepting payments, but there are payment processing fees
  • Venmo­ – Great app for accepting payments, no fees at all
  • Chase Quick Pay­ – If you have a chase account you can accept Quikpay payments (even from non­chase users). Some fees may apply

Web Domain Name Registration + Platforms

  • is a popular and affordable web domain site.  Purchase your domain here
  • Shopify is the BEST Ecommerce platform and the only one I recommend (read this post here to find out more).  *Disclaimer I will earn a small commission if you click on my affiliate link.  Thank you in advance as this helps to support all the free content I produce.

Website Design

  • Upwork allows you to get connected with freelancers in web design. Each has a profile and hourly wage so you can choose the best designer for you.
  • Fiverr is a great tool for all of your needs. You can find very talented people for great prices.
  • Thumbtack is another freelancer site that helps you find someone to help you with whatever you need including web design
  • Squarespace gives you professional templates so you can personally design your own website. Cost can be anywhere from $12-$40/month

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp is free if you have an email list under 2,000 recipients. It also has great integration with social media sites as well as unlimited free storage of photos.
  • Klaviyo is the BEST for E-commerce and intergrates beautifully with Shopify!  Use our affiliate link and I will earn a few bucks!
  • Want to know if your email will be opened? Test the subject title with this cool Newsletter Headline Analyzer tool!

Fashion Needs

Testing Facilities
  • Intertek offers a very wide range of services such as fabric and trim testing
  • SGS is another good testing facility for your products
  • 4over4 is a really great place to order hangtags, another way to keep up your brand image!
Sewing Contractors
Buttons & Trim Suppliers­
  • Metro Buying Group­ – Great trim supplier located in China. Ask for Ray and specifically mention my name so you get the best deal!
  • Buttonology­ – Great source for all your buttons, zipper pulls, toggles, etc. Located in NYC, all of their products come from Europe! Low mins, ask for Teddy
Fabric Sources & Vendors­
  • The Sourcing District­ – Jay can help source any fabric/trim you are looking for.
  • Ralphtex­ – Located in NYC, they stock a lot of basic poly & cotton goods, linings, etc. Ask for Barry
  • Triangle Textiles­ – Located in NYC, this high end fabric supplier has beautiful sequins, lace, and other novelties.
  • Bella Textiles International­ – Located in NYC, this supplier sources all fabrics from Korea. Minimums are high so they are only willing to work with established designers.
  • STC-QST: Best place for fusibles, interlinings, shoulder pads, etc
  • Apparel Mark – Located in Canada, they assist with product design and development
  • 3D Look AI-driven mobile body scanning solution for unmatched precision and flawless sizing
  • Fashion Index – perfect way to find and connect with vendors and manufacturers

Blogging Platforms/Tools

  • Blogger is a blogging site run by google. It makes blogging simple and effective.
  • Tumblr is another popular blogging site. It is very easy to use and is free ofcharge.
  • WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. This is what I use for F.A.W. It allows you to choose a theme and layout for your blog. Some are free but most of the good ones are under $50. It is easy to use and any web designer will be familiar with it.
Blog tools/help sites­
  • Copy Blogger and Hubspot are great sites if you are just starting out with blogging. They have videos and articles to teach you how to blog effectively.

Crowdfunding Sites

  • Go Fund Me is a donation based crowdfunding site. You will make the money you raise whether you reach your goal or not. There are no rewards offered for donating as this is mostly used for personal fundraising.
  • Indiegogo­ This site allows you to build your own unique campaign. Indiegogo is rewards based meaning that those who donate are given rewards in exchange for their donation. This entices them to donate to your campaign. You earn the money no matter if you reach your goal or not.
  • Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise money for your project with minimal fees. Kickstarter is also reward based so you can entice people to donate designated monetary amounts by offering rewards. You only keep the money you raise if you reach your goal. 

Social Media Tools

  • Hootsuite is a great way to manage all of your social media accounts. This site lets you schedule posts to all your accounts so you can spend your time on other important things.
  • Social Media Examiner is a good site to help your business master social media. There are many helpful articles that will teach you how to utilize social media to enhance your business.
  • Followers+ is a great app to keep track of your Instagram followers and posts.
  • Repost Whiz and Repost It allow you to repost other instagrammers posts to your own feed

Miscellaneous Tools

  • 1Password is a great way to keep track of and organize all your passwords
  • Transcription Service­ – is great tool to convert your audio/video to text for only $1 a minute!
  • Wittycircle will connect you with others who will give you help or feedback on ideas
  • Canva is an easy to use graphic design website where you can make custom graphics for social media, your website, or events pages.

Shipping Methods

Retail/Shopping Apps

  • Shopular is an app that lets you add your favorite stores so you never need to worry about leaving home without your coupons
  • Poshmark is an app that lets you sell your gently used clothing and accessories and shop in others’ closets. There are a lot of hidden gems on this site!

Fashion Blogs To Follow­

Pop­ups and markets

  • Bryant Park Holiday Markets
  • Grand Central Holiday Markets
  • Raw artists shows
  • Artists and fleas
  • Pop up flea
  • Makers Showcase
  • More can be found here.

Makeup/Hair Stylists

  • Hair stylist­: Joanne Rasing Hedstrom. Price varies, please inquire within. Email: [email protected]
  • Makeup artist­: Amanda Davila. $45 full face w lashes $40 w/o lashes Email: [email protected]
  • Vow Brides  NJ based styling company that specializes in makeup and hair styling for wedding, special events, proms, and more. 
  • Style and Heat NJ based hair specialist with 20 years experience.  Specializes in cutting edge styling and hair cutting
  • FiercebySashanny  NJ based makeup artist and esthetician with nearly 10 years experience.  Offering makeup, lash extensions, brows, permanent makeup, etc


  • NAJCaptured  ​​Nicholas A Johnson aka NAJ is a New York-based photographer working with clients in US and Caribbean for over 10 years on everything from advertising campaigns, lifestyle, portrait and commercial products.