Where is FAW located?

We are located in the NYC/NJ area. However, we have Project Managers based in LA and often travel to most major cities for various shows/events, etc.

What if I am interested in fashion consulting but I am not in the NYC/NJ area?

No worries!  We can work with you no matter where you are! A lot of our clients are not even in the USA. We use video conferencing via Skype/Zoom in order to work with our clients.

How long is each 1 on 1 fashion consulting session?

A single session is typically 50 minutes to 1 hour. Full day sessions are 8 hours long and Half day sessions are 4 hours long.

Do you offer packages?

We understand that a lot of our clients enjoy working with us and would like to book more than 1 session. Therefore we have created 5, 10, and 20 session packs in order to meet your needs. The more sessions you book, the more you save! Please note the packages differ for image consultations- see below for more info.

Can I email you if I just have one quick question or do I need to schedule a session for this?

For our existing clients who have purchased a package, we offer unlimited emailing as part of our coaching services. For our Fashion Startup Intensive students, all questions can be asked inside the private FSI Mastermind Group on Facebook.  For everyone else, unfortunately, we cannot answer your questions via email.  Otherwise we’d have thousands of emails a day. However, we do answer questions for free on our Live Q&A calls iinside our exclusive Fearless Fashionpreneur FaceBook Group so join NOW!

How does scheduling sessions work?

Typically for scheduling we advise clients to email the day/time they would like to meet as soon as possible.  Upon receipt of the email, we can advise if the time works or, if it does not, we will offer a few other options.  Once a date/time has been agreed upon we will send you an appointment confirmation email with payment instructions as well as meeting location and any meeting details.  This confirmation email must be confirmed by email reply.  Please note our schedule books up fast so please make appointments in advance.

How much do you charge for fashion consulting?

As we are a growing business, our prices are constantly changing.  Please contact us to find out our current rates at this time.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Check (made payable to Fashion Angel Warrior LLC), as well as Paypal, Venmo, and Chase Quikpay (use the email [email protected] for both).  Please always put “FAW” along with your appointment time in the notes when making online payments.

What is your refund policy?

For anyone interested in working with Fashion Angel Warrior LLC, we offer a complimentary 20 minute phone session to figure out your needs and how we can help. If after the phone call you decide to hire us and purchase sessions, no refund is available. With that said, sessions purchased never expire and can be used at any time. It should also be noted that in all my years of experience, I have not once had a client that was unsatisfied with the services provided or have I had a client who did not wish to use all of their sessions. In fact, most of our clients, after working with us for some time, have added sessions to their plan in order to continue our working relationship.  If you’d like to know how we’ve helped our clients please check out these testimonials!

However I understand that exceptional circumstances do take place and there may be a time when a client relationship may not be working out.  Therefore a refund may be issued if;

1)  For any reason a coach is unable to meet with a client at the times specified by the client and every reasonable effort has been made to set up a meeting

2) At any time the client and the coach agree that the business relationship is no longer beneficial to both parties.

All refund requests MUST be made in writing, explaining your reason for request, and emailed to [email protected].  Your request will then be reviewed and I will get back to you within 3 business days.  Please keep in mind that it is our goal to help our clients be successful. If you are successful then we are successful. If there are any questions about the refund policy please email [email protected] and I will get back to you within 3 business days.  Thank you.

For all digital products no refund will be issued.

For Fashion Startup Intensive students, please see our refund policy here.

Can I hire a FAW coach to find a job for me?

Our career coaching services are in place to help train and prepare you to obtain the best job suited for you.  We provide advice, tips, and even resources (including job sites and recruiters to contact).  We also have many contacts in the industry who we reach out to in order to find jobs that may be available.  However, we are not recruiters and cannot spend the time to do the actual job search for you as it would be difficult to charge for something that has no specific time period nor can be controlled.

Will my FAW coach accompany me on meetings with patternmakers, manufacturers, etc?

Yes, we love filling in as your business partner on meetings to ensure you are getting what you are paying for.  You can use your sessions to have meetings like these.  You may also hire us to meet with your patternmaker/manufacturer without you even having to be there!

Can FAW find me a sales rep?

Unfortunately, we do not search for sales reps for you.  We can however, guide and train you on what to look for in a good sales rep, the specific questions to ask, and the pitfalls to avoid.  Additionally we have Project Managers in place who can reach out to boutiques on your behalf and help with the sales process.

What type of licenses do I need in order to start my own apparel company?

Some licenses are specific to the city and state you live in however there are certain licenses that are necessary for everyone no matter what city and state you live in.  Please also check out more info in our Free Resources.

1) Certificate of Formation= It is highly recommended that you choose an entity for your business such as a LLC, S-corp, Limited Partnership, etc.  You will need to register with the State and IRS to complete this.  Yes, you can start a business as a sole proprietor however you will want to form an entity BEFORE you start to sell anything.  This will help protect your assets (as well as your significant others’ assets) in case anything should happen.  You may wish to hire an attorney or an accountant to do this for you.

2) Business License=  There is a fee for this.  If you are working from home remember to specify that it is an office or design studio, and that the manufacturing is done elsewhere. It is illegal to sew from your home for commercial sales in some states.  You may also want to talk to your insurance agent to inquire about special issues pertaining to a home office.

3) EIN#= All businesses must have an E.I.N.# (Employer Identification Number).  If you are the sole proprietor, and are the only employee, it is possible to use your own Social Security Number as your EIN. However it’s recommended to obtain a separate EIN as you will probably need it for the future anyways.  If you hire other employees, you must have an EIN. This is free to obtain and can be done online by filling out an SS-4 Form.

4) RN#=The R.N. (Registration Number) is used to identify the garment’s manufacturer. You can register for one at www.FTC.GOV.  This is necessary if you plan to use a different name other than the one you registered your company under.  For ex. if your company is registered as “Fashion Angel Warrior LLC” and you decide to leave off the LLC part and put “Fashion Angel Warrior” on your labels, then you will legally need a RN#.

5) Resale License=  This permits a business to buy wholesale.  This is more for retailers who are purchasing wholesale items that they are then reselling to the public.  Contact the State Board of Equalization in your local town.

6) Garment Manufacturing License= (This only applies if you are a Manufacturer not a Designer).  This can be obtained from the Department of Labor. This license is required of all apparel manufacturing businesses in New York and California State.  There is an annual fee of $750 to $2,500 dependent on the size of the company. Proof of workers’ compensation insurance is also required. The owner must also take a brief test on labor laws.

7) Public Health License=  All garment manufacturers require this license for employees.  This can be obtained from the County Department of Public Health Services. There is an annual fee.

*Please note each city and state has its own rules and it is best to call your local City Hall and Chambers of Commerce to inquire about the exact licenses needed in your area.

What is an Image Consultant?

A Professional that advises individuals, groups, &/or corporations on appearance, behavior &/or communications

How does an Image Consultant differ from a Stylist?

An easy way to think of it is that an Image Consultant will look at the foot first, while a Stylist looks at the shoe first.  Image consultants are more focused on the Science of dressing while Stylists are more focused on the Art of dressing.  An image consultant will take into consideration a clients goals, preferences, and lifestyle before advising what they should wear.  Image Consultants are also trained to analyze color (as it relates to the client’s skin/hair), face size/shape, body shape/type, etc.  Image consultants look to create balance and harmony in order to highlight the individual while Stylists look to create discord in order to highlight the clothing/accessories.

What’s involved in a Closet Makeover?

Closet consultations are typically a 2-7 step process;

Step 1 is the Assessment Form which entails a series of in depth questions regarding your  goals, body type/shape, your personal style preferences including the stores you like to shop at, as well as your lifestyle in regards to both work and personal life.  This will need to be completed prior to your first session.

Step 2 is the Image consultation where we will do a brief color and body analysis to determine your most flattering styles and colors.  You will receive tips and techniques for choosing the items that work best for you.  (This service is also offered a la carte and is recommended as a preliminary before any other services are completed).

Step 3 is the Wardrobe Edit where we will go through every item in your closet to see what to keep and what to donate or toss.  We also will discuss items that need to be tailored for a proper fit and how to explain to your tailor what needs to be done.  This service can include an Accessory Analysis as well.  And don’t worry we don’t make our clients toss everything out that they own 🙂

Step 4 is the Outfit Building where we will put together some outfits and looks that work best for your body type as well as your style based on what you already own.  We will take photos of these so you can always refer back to them.  A separate a la carte Personal Styling session can be scheduled just for this as well!

Step 5 is the Closet Organization where we will create an organized system for your wardrobe so you can easily find items as well as save on space!  We can also provide tools that can be purchased in order to help keep your closet organized.  This is so crucial in this NYC area! (This service is also offered a la carte).

Step 6 is to create a customized “Must-have” List of staple items that need to be added to your closet in order to complete your wardrobe.

Step 7 is Personal Shopping to go find the items on your Must-haves list!  We can go shopping together, or if time is limited, we can shop solo and bring you the items we find.  We will also offer suggestions on ways to save money, get discounts, etc.  (This service is also offered a la carte).

You have the option to do as little as the first 2 steps all the way up to all 7 steps and/or any combination of these services.  To get the maximum benefit we do recommend that you complete all 7 steps.  This entire process can take anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on your needs however it can be completed across a number of sessions.

What’s the difference between your Personal Shopping services and hiring a personal shopper at a department store?

A personal shopper at a department store is someone who sources &/or purchases items for a fee.  They work on commission and only get paid when you actually purchase something.  Whereas an image consultant is not concerned with the number of items purchased but rather that the RIGHT items are purchased.  We would rather have our clients purchase nothing unless it absolutely flatters them!

How does the Color Analysis work?

Our Color Analysis service will help to identify not only which specific colors, but also the correct color value contrast, intensity, temperature, and season that complement your skin/hair/eye color most effectively.  Wearing the proper colors will help you to look healthier, more radiant and vibrant, rested, youthful, and slimmer!  With the use of industry specific color tools, we will determine your best 10 colors.  With this information you can then purchase the correct clothing, accessories, and makeup to create the most harmonious and balanced look for you!  For this service it is recommended that we meet in person and that the client removes all makeup.

What is your Personal Styling service all about?

Have an event to attend and no idea what to wear??  Or maybe you would love to have a professional come over and put outfits together from your existing wardrobe??  Then this service is for you.  We will make suggestions on various looks you may need.  If we meet in person we will take photos of the outfits that work best for you!  Or if shopping online, we can pull the pieces and create the most amazing look for you!  This service is also good for determining what your ‘Go-To’ style is!

What if I simply want a professional opinion on choosing between 2 outfits to wear?

Post your question on social media and tag us!  We will do our best to give you our professional opinion.

Do you offer Wedding Styling packages?

YES! We LOVE weddings!  After planning and coordinating my own wedding, designing my own wedding gown as well as the bridesmaid dresses, I know first hand the enormous to-do list that every bride goes through.  Why not make that process a little easier?  Hire us to help pick out the perfect attire for the bride, groom, and bridal party!  This is the most special day you will ever have, and you’ll be so happy and stress free when you know you look your best!

What are the Image/Style Parties all about?

Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, mother’s day, or just an excuse to get together with the girls, our Image/Style Parties are a blast!  Invite at least 3 of your girlfriends over and one of our Image Consultants will demo a color, face, and body analysis, as well as give advice on outfits, accessories and more!  Think of it as the ultimate dress up girls night party!  Plus find out the answers to you burning fashion questions.  Which lipstick color looks best?  Which dress should I wear to a summer wedding?  What about the ultimate date night look?  How can I look slimmer? and More!

Do you work with Men as well as Women for Image and Styling?

YES! We love the guys as much as the gals.  So don’t be afraid to refer your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, etc!  You will thank us when we are finished with them.

I’m a great resource for fashion designers and start ups! Can I partner with you or advertise on your site?

Let’s talk!  Please email us to learn more about affiliate programs and/or reaching a targeted audience on our site.

I’m interested in working for you? Are you hiring?

We are always looking to expand our team.  If you are interested in working with us, please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Still have questions?  Send us an email and we’ll be happy to get you that answer!