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Are you tired of having a hobby instead of a THRIVING fashion business?

Feel like you’ve spent so much time and money already and yet you still

don’t have a clear idea of what EXACTLY you should be doing each day?

Maybe you’ve sold some of your items to friends or on consignment but

are wondering how to REALLY scale this thing?

Sound familiar?


Somewhere in the mix of designing your line, social media, your mindset, and the way you’re spending time building your business, the STRATEGIES to making a profit as a designer have been lost.

Are you ready to make your fashion dreams a reality? Do you want a clear, step-by-step strategy to take you from start to finish? If you answered YES, this class is for YOU!

Imagine being your own boss, with a successful line, that sells. Your dream

customers are looking for you. You’re proud of your brand, and you’re

confident in your business’ success.

“The knowledge you get from this course will help you succeed.”


What You’ll Get:

  • 8 Classes: One class (60-90 min each) delivered every other week for 16 weeks (Value= $2,800)

  • Over 125 “Done-For-You” Cheat sheets: Templates, checklists & scripts to guide you along the way (Value= $250)

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group: Ask me questions & collaborate with other members of the group (Priceless!)

  • 2 Private, Individual Calls With Me: One halfway through program & one at the end of the program (Value= $500)

“I highly recommend it. Even if you are not completely ready to launch, it will give you a lot of tools to accomplish your goal. I also appreciate that we get two different calls with our mentor… When comparing this class against other classes online…you may not even be able to ask questions or interact with someone. I am looking forward to future courses from Fashion Angel Warrior.”


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to research to know if your idea will be profitable

  • How to price your garments to remain competitive while making a profit

  • How to get your items in more stores and sell more online

  • 12 Ways to grow a massive email list without even having a product to sell

  • All the proper documents and forms you need BEFORE you go to market

  • How to set up your crowdfunding campaign for success!

  • How to get the most famous celebs wearing your line without paying for PR!

  • The one thing you can do to get stores BEGGING to have your line!

PLUS, detailed info on:

  • How to come up with the PERFECT name for your line

  • How to source the RIGHT fabrics at the RIGHT price

  • How to DRIVE traffic to you online store

  • How to package your items to CUT COSTS and be ON BRAND

  • How to properly plan for a photoshoot and video shoot

“The classes are so good. Christine has so much knowledge about the Industry. I listen to them in depth and take good notes as I go along.”


“This is THEE best class ever!  Christine Daal is a Super Hero!”



Because I am committed to each student’s success and give individual

time, space is limited.

Are you ready to create a fashion line you’re proud of?


-What if I don’t have the $849 right now?

Please email us to discuss payment plan options.  You can also choose the ‘Paypal Credit’ option upon checkout to start for FREE! (Paypal Credit is a line of credit you can apply for, please see Paypal rules and requirements).

-Is there a money back guarantee?

Yep, you bet!  I believe in this course so much that I’m willing to give you your money back if after 30 days of taking the classes you don’t see the value. But you must do the work. You must watch the first two classes and submit the homework. I only want to have those that are willing to put in the time and effort take this course. You can’t benefit from something if you don’t do the work required.

-What if I want to get started right away instead of waiting for the course to begin?

As long as you have paid in full for the course, you can request to have the first 2 classes delivered right away.  Just email us.  Please note as soon as these classes are delivered, the 30 days starts for the refund policy. 

-Is everything done online?

Yes, all of the classes are online as well as the Facebook Mastermind group. Your 2 coaching sessions however will be conducted over the phone

-How are the classes delivered?  Do I need a password?

The classes will be delivered to you via email once every other week for 16 weeks. There are homework assignments for each class which you will complete and then email to us. Any questions that you have can be posted inside the FB group and Christine will answer them there for you.  If your question requires a very long answer Christine will go live inside the group to answer it. 

-Are the classes live or recorded? 

These are recorded classes! However you can ask all of your questions inside the Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

-How long do I have to watch the recorded classes?

You will have a lifetime to watch the recordings. So, if you missed something or forgot, no worries! The information is there for you when you are ready.

Will I have an opportunity to get personal help from Christine?

Yes, Christine will be available inside the Private Facebook Mastermind Group to answer all of your questions and you will also receive two one-on-one coaching calls with her as well.  No other online course offers this option!

-When will the coaching calls be held?

You will get one call halfway through the program, and one call at the end of the program.

-How long do I have to use the one-on-one coaching calls?

The two coaching calls included with the program expire one year from the start date of the course.

-What if I already purchased some of the courses individually?

No worries, please email us so we can deduct what you’ve already spent

-Can I take just some of the classes individually?

Yes, you can!  Each class is sold separately as well! But the Facebook group and one-on-one calls are not included.  Click here for more info on those!

If you are serious about making 2018 the year you:

become an entrepreneur

learn the fashion business inside and out 

make your dreams come true

…I’ll see you in class!

“ You are singularly the most impressive individual I’ve ever met. You’re intelligent, driven, talented, resourceful and utterly competent. I’m VERY lucky to know you.”


“Christine Daal, has helped me overcome obstacles by taking the FSI course…The class will break down everything it is you need to do when starting a clothing line from start to finish…Christine has been a great mentor. The FSI course has helped me make connections with manufacturers, helped me with fashion terminology, and gain necessary knowledge that is mandatory to know. I advise anyone interested in the fashion world to take this class”


CLASS 1: Fashion Biz Foundation 

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to maintain a Winning Business Owner Mindset
  • Which Channels of Distribution are the Best for you!
  • Where you can Cut Costs and How to Properly Budget so there are no surprises later
  • How to get Super Clear on your market segment and price point!
  • How to raise the capital you need
  • and Much more!

Plus 7 “Done-for-you” worksheets, templates, scripts, etc. including;

  • Organization/Budgeting Tools Worksheet
  • Where to Spend & Where to Save
  • Sample Budget Sheet
  • Biz Expense Spreadsheet Template
  • and More!

Valued at $200

CLASS 2: Market Research Made Easy 

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to do the RIGHT market research ahead of time to be sure your idea will be a success!
  • The secret to finding out who your Target Customer really is
  • How to find your Top 10 Competitors
  • 6 USP examples that will make your brand STAND OUT from your competition
  • How to come up with the PERFECT name for your line
  • and Much more!

Plus 8 “Done-for-you” worksheets, templates, scripts, etc. including;

  • Target Customer Profile Template
  • Competitor Criteria Checklist
  • Competition Spreadsheet
  • Size Chart
  • FB Competitor Tool Cheatsheet
  • and More!

Valued at $300




CLASS 3: Mastering Digital Marketing: Increase Traffic to your Online Store 

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to drive traffic to your online store
  • What to post on social media to SKY ROCKET engagement
  • How to PROPERLY build your website including Keyword research & a Website  Building Checklist
  • How to write an Effective blog post & 7 Places to Post it!
  • 12 Ways to grow a Massive Email List
  • Logos, Taglines
  • Business set up logistics And MORE!

Plus 17 “Done-for-you” worksheets, templates, scripts, etc. including;

  • Social Media Post Ideas
  • Questions to ask a Social Media Strategist
  • How to Write GREAT Titles/Subtitles/Meta Descriptions/Alt Tags Cheat Sheet
  • Website Layout Example
  • Website Layout Building CheckList
  • Questions to ask Web Designer
  • Blog Post Ideas
  • Blog Writing Checklist
  • 12 Ways to Grow a Massive Email List
  • and More!

Valued at $400

CLASS 4: Source, Design, Create! 

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to source the RIGHT fabrics at the RIGHT price!
  • How to develop and merchandise your line so buyers will want EVERYTHING!
  • How to interview a patternmaker & manufacturer
  • Everything you must include on your tech packs
  • Understanding MARKUP and how to do a Cost Sheet so you can be PROFITABLE
  • Fittings, and Much MORE!

Plus 16 “Done-for-you” worksheets, templates, scripts, etc. including;

  • Fabric Sourcing Guide
  • 10 Steps of Line Development
  • Tech Pack Template
  • Cheap vs High End & How to Tell the Difference
  • Tips for working with Fit Models
  • Domestic vs Overseas Fty
  • Questions to Ask a Manufacturer
  • Fool Proof Cost Sheet Template (Blank & Filled In)
  • and More!

Valued at $400


All for the one time only price of $849!

Over 70% OFF what you’ll pay for other online courses! 

Are you ready to win at business? 

CLASS 5: Cracking the Crowdfunding Code

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • What is needed for a Successful campaign
  • How to create IRRESISTIBLE rewards that will have those donations POURING in!
  • How to properly plan for a Photoshoot and Video Shoot
  • How to get a Core team of people to help promote your campaign for you
  • How to PROMOTE your campaign so that Day 1 is a huge success!
  • How to continue raising money even after your campaign is over! 
  • and Much MORE!

Plus 18 “Done-for-you” worksheets, templates, scripts, etc. including;

  • How to Build a Massive Crowd BEFORE you Launch! 
  • Timeline Calendar
  • 14 Killer Reward Ideas
  • Rewards Chart
  • Photo/Video shoot What to Bring Checklist
  • Core Crew Initial Email Template & Scripts
  • Pre- Campaign Checklist
  • Blogger Email Template
  • and More!

Valued at $300

CLASS 6: Market Ready Mastery

In this 60 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to create a line sheet that actually SELLS!
  • All the proper documents and forms you need BEFORE you go to Market
  • How to Understand your Delivery & Calendar so you never ship late!
  • How to create Amazing Hangtags and Labels without breaking the bank
  • The 4 types of E-Commerce emails you MUST be sending
  • 10 tips to craft emails that convert to customers!
  • and Much MORE!

Plus 24 “Done-for-You” Cheatsheets, templates, and checklists including;

  • Line Sheet Template and Checklist
  • Sales Order Form and Checklist
  • The Design/Production and Buying T&A Calendars
  • FDS Spreadsheet
  • Buyer’s pack Checklist
  • 10 Tips for Crafting Emails that Convert
  • 4 Main types of ECommerce Emails 
  • and More!

Valued at over $400


 The program runs May 2018 through August 2018.

Are you ready to make your vision a reality?

CLASS 7: Successful Sales Secrets: How to Pitch Buyers & More

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to pitch buyers WITHOUT looking desperate
  • My 12 step process that will show you EXACTLY how to approach buyers
  • 17 Tips to ensure your launch party is a SUCCESS!
  • The one thing you can do to get stores BEGGING to have your line
  • The EXACT questions you need to ask showrooms & sales reps so they don’t take advantage of you
  • How to make your tradeshow booth STANDOUT from the rest
  • 5 Ways to INCREASE your sales online
  • How to find the PERFECT pop up shop
  • and MORE

Plus 27 “Done-for-You” Cheatsheets, templates, and checklists including;

  • Are You Ready to Pitch Buyers Checklist 
  • 2 Phone Call Scripts for Pitching Buyers
  • 3 Mail Examples for Pitching Buyers
  • Email Template for Pitching Buyers
  • Buyer Follow-up Chart
  • Trade Show Checklist- What to do Before, During, and After
  • How to know if you’re ready for a Sales Rep
  • Where to find Sales Reps
  • Sales Rep Contract Checklist
  • 5 Ways to Increase Sales Online
  • and More!

Valued at $400

CLASS 8: Production Like A Pro

In this 90 min class, You’ll learn;

  • How to cut costs with marking and grading
  • How to EASILY figure out your grade specs
  • How to PROPERLY set up your Cutting Tickets
  • You’ll create a PO contract that will ensure you’re 100% covered should anything happen with your factory
  • The 4 most crucial Quality Control Checkpoints to ensure your garments come out amazing
  • How to package your items to CUT COSTS and be ON BRAND!
  • and Much MORE!

Plus 23 “Done-for-You” Cheatsheets, templates, and checklists including;

  • Production Pattern Checklist
  • Production Ready Checklist
  • Cutting Ticket Template
  • Garment PO Template
  • E-commerce Packaging Checklist
  • Starting a Line A-Z Checklist
  • and More!
Valued at $400

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All for the one time only price of $849!