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My “Styling” Secret

From styling top notch fashion brands in the industry under Adrianna Papell, Flip dresses, and QVC, to dressing models backstage at NY Fashion Week and styling WWE Announcer Lilian Garcia, Christine Daal, the Fashion Angel Warrior, can help you brand yourself and your business for SUCCESS!

With a background as a designer, merchandiser, stylist, image consultant, and fit model, Christine combines over 15 years of experience to help empower, educate, and encourage her clients to reach top levels in the fashion industry.

Are you trying to break into the fashion industry but you feel like no one takes you seriously?

Are you doing your first photo/video shoot &/or fashion show for your new line and not sure how to make it a huge success?

Want to know how to get more business and better business by aligning your business brand with your personal brand?

Branding is everything, especially in the fashion industry. When you hear of fashion brands like Michael Kors or Coach, Gucci, or Ralph Lauren, you immediately have an image or feeling that appears in your mind. But how do these brands accomplish this? They do this by getting serious about branding.

And what about personal brands? Are they really necessary to have? In our opinion, yes! And so much so, that we feel it can make or break your fashion business.

That’s why we’ve created 2 brand new packages just for startup fashion designers!

Style Me


Your personal brand reflects who you are and how you are perceived. The truth is that we are constantly being judged every single day. Not only on what we wear, but also our body language and the way we communicate. In fact, 55% of a first impression is based on how we are dressed. And if you are in fashion, I would say that number is probably even higher. This is why, not only is it important to have style, but also it’s important what your personal style says about you, especially if you are a startup fashion brand!

Style Me

Style Packages - Style Me

  • 1 hour of Color, Face, & Body Analysis
  • 1 hour of Target Customer & Brand Analysis
  • 2 hours of a Closet Makeover OR Personal Shopping
  • How to express your brand’s values and mission
  • How to set yourself apart from your competition
  • How to understand your GO-TO STYLE and how to keep it consistent yet fresh
  • How to create your own personal brand to make that FIRST IMPRESSION count!
  • Which SILHOUETTES work best for your body & lifestyle
  • Which precise COLORS compliment your skin tone & eyes
  • How to get customers connected with your brand
  • CONFIDENCE in knowing you look your very best
  • Connect and interact with like-minded people
  • An increase in your social influence
  • More business and maybe even BETTER business deals

People buy from people, not companies. With all the competition out there and everyone knocking each other off, sometimes the only distinguishing factor is YOU!


“I recently started my own business as an Art Therapist and wanted to look professional but also comfortable when working with my clients.  When shopping in the past, I was always left feeling dissatisfied and frustrated at the lack of selection for plus size women.  I would usually just buy something solely because it fit, I usually didn’t even like it.  But that all changed when I went shopping with Christine!  I never had such a productive and enjoyable time shopping than when I went with Christine.  She selected items for me while at the same time taking into consideration my preferences and lifestyle.  She would explain why something worked or why it did not.  And the entire time she took diligent notes on all the important tips and tricks she was teaching me, which she then emailed to me after our session was over.  I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe and a brand new level of confidence.“ -Liz Verna ATR, LCAT

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Style My Line


In today’s world, fashion is the most competitive it has ever been. As a startup designer, your photo/video shoot &/or fashion show could make or break your future success! Your line will automatically be branded by others when they view it for the first time. What do you want your line to say? Do you want fuzzy photos on your website and models not properly dressed going down the runway? After the cost to get models, a photographer, studio, etc. you want to be absolutely sure you are getting the best and that your brand is being conveyed how you want! This is why it is crucial to have a professional, with years of experience, guiding you along the way.

Style My Line

  • 2 hours of Shoot or Show Planning
  • 6 hours of On Site Styling & Management
  • Exactly what is needed in order to properly plan for a photo/video shoot or fashion show
  • How to set up a timesheet so that everything runs on schedule & you’re not paying for overtime!
  • How to properly style and showcase your line to sell!
  • Styling techniques
  • Hair/makeup
  • Model selection tips
  • A branded line that is recognizable and stands out from the competition
  • A better understanding of merchandising and planning a line
  • More business opportunities and sales

“We are lucky and honored to have the opportunity to work with Christine on number of our photo shoots. I will tell you Christine is the Queen of Photo Shoots!  Her art direction and eye for branding was exactly what we were looking for.  She knew exactly how to minimize the outfit look changes between models so we could stay on schedule and within our budget. She caught every wrinkle or stray hair so that we would not have to spend so much time editing. She even collaborated with the hair and makeup team to be sure the vision was executed perfectly!

Christine is a talented, passionate, dedicated, professional who I always enjoy working with. I would never do another shoot without her.” -Steven Catrone, President of Swing Apparel, Flip Dresses


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