Personal Styling and Image Consulting

No matter what age or body type you have, what career or personal style, we are here to help you look your very best!  We can meet preferably in person (depending on your location) or via phone/Skype to discuss your goals, preferences, and lifestyle and which areas you would like to focus on.  We cover everything from which colors compliment your face and skin tone, to key tricks on how to maximize the items you already own, to the silhouettes that are most flattering on your body type and more!  We can go shopping together, or even go through your closet to see what’s wearable, repairable, or just plain unbearable.  By the time we finish you will have a complete new outlook on your wardrobe and style, as well as a huge confidence boost in the way you look!

This service is for anyone who:

  • Needs help finding an outfit for a specific event
  • Has had a recent career transition
  • Has recently gained or lost weight
  • Can no longer physically find anything in their closet
  • Has trouble deciding what to wear in the morning
  • Is planning to have head shots and/or a personal photoshoot done

We offer one on one coaching to individuals in the following areas:

What you will gain:

  • CONFIDENCE in knowing you look your very best
  • More COMPLIMENTS everywhere you go
  • LESS STRESS knowing your wardrobe consists of only what is right for you
  • MORE TIME as you will be a whiz at putting outfits together
  • More business and maybe even BETTER business deals
  • A targeted SHOPPING list of those staples you are missing

“Christine was so patient with me and she made the entire process so fun and exciting! I thought it would be like “What Not to Wear”, where I would have to throw out all my clothes! I thought it would be embarrassing, but Christine made me feel good about the clothes I did have, rather than just telling me all my clothes were horrible. The whole process was encouraging and a great learning experience. Since having Christine make over my closet, I get compliments on my outfits all the time! I have never had so many people tell me I look great. It’s really been amazing!”
– Tiffany – Read more testimonials

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