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MAY 2016 EVENTS!!! Fashion | Entrepreneur | Business

May 2-4 Accessorie Circuit @ Javits Center NYC.  Register here Monday May 2nd @7pm Met Gala Event– Finally E! Tonight is covering it! Monday May 2nd @ 3:15 SIBL FREE Event: Getting Started in Export/Import. Tuesday May 3rd @5:30-8:30pm NYBS FREE Event: Advanced Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies.  Sign up here Tuesday May 3rd @3pm SCORE […]

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Top 8 Tips on How to Prepare for a Successful Photoshoot as a Fashion Designer

I always tell my clients, planning a photoshoot can take weeks, even months to prepare.  And the more time you give yourself, the less stress and better shape you will be in come shoot day.  So here are my top 8 tips on how to properly prepare for a photoshoot to ensure that it is […]

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APRIL 2016 EVENTS!!! Fashion | Entrepreneur | Business

As promised here are all the FREE (& under $25) Events happening in the arena of Fashion, Entrepreneur, Business, Social Media, etc.  Make sure to check back frequently as the list will be updated. Thursday April 7th @2pm SCORE FREE Webinar: Building, Bootstrapping, and Believing in your Business Website- Sign up here Thursday April 7th @7pm […]

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10 Steps to Setting Smart Goals that you will stick with! Setting Goals in 2016

2016 is HERE!!!! And we all know what that means….. New Years Resolutions right?! NOT FOR ME! I choose NOT to make any New Year’s Resolutions.  Why you ask?  Because I’d rather set some Smart Goals than make any more New Years Resolutions!! Resolutions to me are designed for failure. Somewhere along the way the […]

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8 Money-saving Shopping tips you MUST know for the Holidays! #ShopSmartHolidays

It’s that time of year again…time to SHOP til you DROP!  But you shouldn’t need to ‘drop’ a ton of cash in order to do so.  So I’m giving you my top 8 Money- saving tips this holiday season! For starters let’s begin with the 1 hit wonders, or 1 Day wonders I should say… […]

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How to Start a Clothing Line! 5 Biggest Mistakes New FASHION DESIGNERS Make! | Part 2

New VID is up! Ever wonder How to Start a Clothing Line!!! Well here’s what NOT to do.  I will be giving you the top 5 biggest mistakes all new fashion designers make.  This is PART 2 of a NEW series, subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel to get the next 3 mistake vids as soon as they’re […]