10 Wealth Building Habits that Every Fashionpreneur Should Have

10 Wealth Building Habits that Every Fashionpreneur Should Have, wealth building habits

The Crucial Wealth Building Habits That Successful Entrepreneurs All Have in Common

Are you struggling with your e-commerce sales and ready to take your business to the next level? Start by upgrading your mindset with these ten wealth building habits!

#1 Wealthy business owners think outside the box.  

They’re not doing what everyone else is doing. So, think creatively– think of something that’s never been done before.  Look at companies like Airbnb! Who in their right mind thought we would ever sleep in other people’s apartments around the world and pay them for it? That never existed a couple of years ago! Now we do it on an everyday basis and Airbnb’s founders are making TONS of money!

#2 Wealthy business owners have a relentless work ethic.  

It’s estimated that only 3% of the people are wealthy and the other 97% are the ones working for the 3%.  So, do you want to be in the 3% or do you want to be in the 97%? Obviously, those 3% people are doing something completely different.

Do what others are not willing to do to have what others will never have.

#3 Wealthy business owners take risks!

You have to be willing to take risks if you’re going to start a business! You have to learn to walk on the water and sometimes you’re going to make mistakes. Failure is inevitable and it’s actually REQUIRED to be successful! So, take risks.

#4 Wealthy business owners write down their visions!  

I am very big on writing things down, posting them on walls around—whatever it takes to have them in front of your face all the time!  

One of my favorite Bible verses is Habakkuk 22— “Write the vision down and it surely will be fulfilled.” Write down your goals, write down where you want your business to be, write down what you want your life to look like!  Put it in plain sight and I guarantee you it will come to pass!

#5 Wealthy business owners don’t go in debt!  

They learn how to live below their means– whatever that means for them. Don’t go into debt because when you’re going into debt, you’re borrowing money. And paying interest will kill you over time! You will never be able to get ahead if you’re constantly paying interest.  So, if you have debt now, pay it off, get rid of it and start getting into the BLACK.

#6 Wealthy business owners DELEGATE!  

This is a big one! You can’t possibly do everything yourself.  There’s only one of you and there’s a million jobs to be done as a business owner.  If someone can do something 80% as good as you, then you should delegate it! Trust me– your life will be so much easier. I promise!

#7 Wealthy business owners have multiple streams of revenue.  

They find ways to make money in different avenues, so that they have multiple streams coming in.  So, if one business is struggling, the other business makes up for it etc. 

#8 Wealthy business owners don’t trade their time for money.

They generate PASSIVE INCOME! They know that trading your time for money is a job—not a business. There is nothing wrong with having a job– but understand that if you don’t go to work you don’t get paid. Millionaires find ways to make money while they sleep, so that they can enjoy their life and generate income simultaneously!

Successful business owners find ways to make residual income— sell through an online store, invest in real estate, write books books, etc.!

#9 Wealthy business owners learn how to make money off of their money– it’s called investing.

They use the money that they’ve already accumulated, and they reinvest it to make them EVEN MORE money!

#10 Wealthy business owners people make money for referrals.  

This is called affiliate marketing! We all do this every single day whether you realize it or not. You’re constantly referring people to your favorite nail salon, your doctor, the list goes on.

You’re already sending people referrals, but successful wealthy people figure out a way to get paid to recommend something that they are ALREADY using it’s called affiliate marketing! It’s great passive income, since the company handles all the product creation, and shipments– you’re just paid a percentage for getting the word out which is pretty awesome!  

Which of these wealth building habits resonate most? Comment below, we want to hear from you!

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