3 Ways to Improve Time Management: For Messy Creatives and Type B’s

Ways to Improve Time Management, time management for business owners

Ways to Improve Time Management (That You’ve Probably Never Considered)

Let’s face it, most time-management articles are catered to aggressive Type A’s. These articles are filled with planner-centric approaches of rigid time schedules and bullet-journals. But these approaches are less intuitive for B-types who aren’t as naturally organized, Messy creatives need advice that’s…. a little less cookie- cutter. If your day is constantly getting away from you or if you’re often labeled as forgetful and “all over the place” — then this article is for you! Our top 3 ways to improve time management will help you cultivate your natural energy and create a workday that’s most effective for you!

Embrace the Single-Tasker in You

Do you complete tasks just before the deadline? Do you use time well but not manage it well?

Type B’s are single-taskers and they don’t switch tasks as easily as others. When they do, they tend to lose track of projects or fall behind. They like to get fully immersed in their work and they perform better when they can group certain tasks together—entering a state of flow before switching to another category of task work.

Helpful Tips:

We ALL function better when we feel on top of our work; however, while Type A’s are more motivated by having control of their time, Type B’s are motivated by having freedom over their time and pace.  As a possibility-driven creative, you have a tendency to max out your day only to feel overwhelmed and drained later on. Leaving schedules slightly flexible is freeing and crucial for you. Start taking mental notes on the amount of work you typically complete on an average day and start scheduling your days according to your natural productivity level. Everyone’s schedule gets hectic and there will always be those crazy days but developing this habit will force you to prioritize what’s most important and save the rest for tomorrow. Block scheduling is another ideal method for you.

Learn to Prioritize the Work That Is Important But Not Urgent

Do you plan your day ahead of time, but get derailed by phone calls, emails, etc?

Pause and think for a moment.  What strides would you like to make this month in your business? What about the next six months?  The next year? Asking yourself these questions will help you remember the big picture. But it’s hard to stay focused on the important, big-picture goals when you’re swamped in operational tasks, bowing at the whim of every client phone call and emergency email. Functioning in such a “deadline-reactive” way is detrimental towards your business’s long-term growth and sustainability.

Helpful Tips:

In Stephen Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” he suggests prioritizing tasks that are “important, not urgent.” The urgent emails and manufacturing emergencies are always going to be there, but what if you could still make time for the important stuff each and every day?

Exercise: In your quiet time get centered and consider your big-picture goals/projects. Instead of making a to-do list, write one task down that will move you towards your goal. Don’t go to sleep until you finish this task. Choosing just one task from your big-picture goals will leave you with no excuse. You’ll ALWAYS have time for at least one task. Mark it on your calendar and map out a task to complete for the next seven days and repeat at the start of every week.

Eliminate Distractions and Find Your Peak Work Hours

Do you often feel tired or overwhelmed when it’s time for you to work on something important to you?

As you start mapping out your most important, non-urgent tasks; it’s important to learn what your natural peak hours are. Of course, this requires you to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, but this is valuable knowledge! Your peak hours are when you’ll have the most energy and inspiration, so shouldn’t you spend this time on the work most meaningful to you and your business?

Type B’s are very accommodating, time-adaptable people. While this trait makes us very supportive of our employees/clients, it depletes valuable time from our day.

Protect your peak times and eliminate distractions with the following tips:

  • Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” Mode and explore the settings. If you’re a mom-preneur who wants to protect your peak hours, let your kids know that if they call twice they can override your settings and still get ahold of you in case of emergency. (Do not disturb settings will vary depending on your phone, but this works for iPhone users).
  • Check your email and stop letting it check you. Turn those pesky email, Instagram, Facebook, and app notifications OFF.
  • (Of course– both of these tips can apply any time you need a little extra focus, not just during your peak hours)!

Which of the ways to improve time management is most relevant for you? Comment below, we want to hear from you!

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