Best Free Shopify Themes for Clothing Brands

Best free shopify themes, website design for fashion business

The BEST FREE Shopify Themes for Fashion Start-ups (Ranked By User Experience and Conversion Features)

Between the abundance of third-party shopping integrations and its seamless user experience, Shopify is undeniably the BEST e-commerce platform– housing major sites like Red Dress Boutique and Fashionova! If you’re launching your fashion line, we know you want to keep those overhead costs low! And since there’s a way to utilize this amazing platform on a conservative budget, we thought you deserved to know! Shopify may not offer as many free themes as WordPress or Wix, but the options they do offer have everything you need to get your shop up and running. Here we’ve listed the best FREE Shopify themes for fashion start-ups (ranked by conversion features and user experience!)

P.S All of the themes listed are available on the Shopify Themes Store and they ALL include the following features:

  • Customizable Homepage Content Sections
  • Built-in Mobile-Friendly Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Capabilities
  • Social Media Icons
  • Drop Down Navigation Support
  • Built in Style Options + Color Schemes
  • Free Theme Updates!


Minimal is the top-rated theme among Shopify’s free options. This theme offers three different style options– one for fashion, music, and vintage shops!

Primary features include:

  • Slideshow– With the Slideshow feature you can place your best products front and center. Homepage slideshows can help improve conversion rates as they provide visitors with a solid introduction to your products!
  • Product Image Zoom–This little magnifying glass is so necessary when shoppers need to examine finer details like closures or embroidery.
  • Related Products–Add styling suggestions within the related products feature! As stated in our recent post on sales-boosting product descriptions, having a related products section is crucial! This is a classic up-selling technique that will boost your average order value BIG-TIME!
  • Homepage Video–Did we mention that homepage video is great for SEO and your conversion rate?!! With this feature you can embed videos straight form your YouTube or Vimeo account—it’s also great for brand storytelling!
  • Product Filtering–Product filtering is great for the overall user experience! This feature allows customers to filter products by category, price, best sellers and more!

Check out a preview of this theme here!


This theme was specifically designed for apparel e-commerce stores and you can tell by the features listed below! This theme offers two different styles. The “Classic” style is ideal for modern apparel stores while the bright colored, “Playful” version is perfect for a childrenswear line!

Primary features include:

  • Header Slideshow– This feature allows you to showcase multiple product images right at the top of your homepage.
  • Dynamic Product Grid– This feature acts as a gallery, showcasing all of your top-selling products! Plus the layout automatically readjusts based on the number of products displayed.
  • Slide-out Cart– This handy feature is great for customer user experience. This feature lets customers access their cart with a single click without taking them off of their current landing page. This way customers can easily view their entire cart on the right side of the screen as they continue shopping. Super convenient!
  • Homepage Video– The Homepage Video feature is one of Brooklyn’s most recent theme updates, and thankfully so! As stated previously, homepage video is great for SEO and provides a way to hook new visitors immediately!

Check out a preview of this theme here!


The Simple theme is built for stores with a large collection of merchandise! And both of the style options offer plenty of white space for a nice clean look!

Primary features include:

  • Sidebar Menu– If navigation menus aren’t your thing, this theme offers an accordion style sidebar menu instead! Readily display all of your product categories and promo sales!
  • Product Image Zoom– The feature that gives viewers a closer look at your design details!
  • Related Products– Don’t settle for one item orders when you can tempt shoppers to buy MORE! As mentioned above, this up-selling feature is a must-have when boosting average order values and delivering a smoother shopping experience!
  • Image Animations– This rare feature creates interesting transitions between your images.

Check out a preview of this theme here!


The Narrative theme is great for start-ups who are launching either a single product or a select few! This image-driven theme emphasizes brand storytelling more than selling–but this is a great option if you want to test your proof of concept!

Primary features include:

  • Hero Video– Build trust, get more subscribers, and grow your tribe by adding a compelling hero video to your site! If you’ve never heard the term, a “Hero” is an attention-grabbing video that’s used to build hype or position a brand as a thought leader. This type of media is great for companies with a unique backstory or a philanthropic mission.
  • Visual Storytelling Features– Customizable image and quote blocks make it easy for visitors to grasp your brand story.
  • Vertical Slideshow–The sleek vertical slideshow feature lets you showcase new products, features and blogposts seamlessly.

Check out a preview of this theme here!

Even though Shopify’s themes come with SEO capabilities, you’ll still need to understand marketing essentials for the biggest ROI! Learn SEO best practices and key digital marketing strategies here and launch your e-commerce site with a bang!

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