DIY Jeweled Collars! Top Fashion & Jewelry Trend!

Ok so I shot this video almost a year ago and jeweled collars are still the hottest thing! JCrew even just put them on their Fall Style Guide! Why you ask? Because they look great with almost anything and now you can even make one yourself! This is an awesome way to re-purpose something you already have and turn it into a hot new item! Check out the video and let me know what you think! Also PHOTO CONTEST-whoever can recreate the best jeweled collar wins a free 1 hr coaching session with Moi! Contest ends Nov.21st so act fast!

1 thoughts on “DIY Jeweled Collars! Top Fashion & Jewelry Trend!

  1. Elizabeth Kenyon says:

    Betty Liu from Bloomberg’s In the Loop is doing here hourly morning show in D.C. and yes, wearing a jeweled collar – monotone, such a good idea! 4/22/14

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