DIY: How to ‘Break In’ Your Shoes FAST!

Shoes Too Tight??  Hate having to always ‘wear in’ your shoes when you buy new ones?  Tired of blisters and sore tootsies?!  You will LOVE this trick!  Grab the shoes you want to loosen up and let’s get started!break-in-shoes-1

Step 1: Take a ziplock bag (can be any size bag as long as it is big enough to fit inside your shoe) and fill with water.  Make sure the bag is sealed tight otherwise you will have a big mess :(


Step 2: Insert bag into shoe so that the water is where you want the shoes to be loosened up


Step 3: Place shoe in the freezer and freeze overnight making sure that shoe is upright so water will sit in the bottom part.  (For boots like these make sure to zip up the sides so they are closed.)

The water will expand and freeze causing the shoe to also expand! Instant ‘broken in’ feeling for the price of a ziplock!

Try it yourself and let me know what you think, Comment Below!

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4 thoughts on “DIY: How to ‘Break In’ Your Shoes FAST!

  1. Charlene says:

    Wow! That’s frickin kool!!! Thank so much for the tip! I kinda can’t wait to buy tight shoes to try this out lol!

  2. christined says:

    It is really cool….literally LOL. Make sure to let shoes defrost a bit before putting back on your feet LOL

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