Reviving Your Business Goals After the “New Year High” Wears Off

Reviving Your Business Goals After the "New Year High" Wears Off

Reviving Your Business Goals Starts With Forming New Habits

Why Focusing on Results Doesn’t Work

Think about the goals you set for your fashion business this year. Have you noticed any progress or are you feeling discouraged? Studies show that eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. These goals fail because they are approached as a ‘dream’ rather than an opportunity to establish appropriate habits. Sadly, when goal-setters don’t see immediate results, they start to give up. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to start reviving your business goals – and that starts with a mindset change.

When you practice the right habits, your goals are inevitable. Successful people develop lifestyle behaviors that facilitate their goals rather than focusing on a fixed end result.

-Fashion Angel Warrior

Habits require time and repetition. Schedule pieces of your goal into your daily-life.

Let’s say you want to launch a blog in May for your e-commerce site.

Start by listing ALL of the steps needed in order to make that happen.

  • Ex. Create an Editorial Calendar

Divide & conquer. Break down each step/mini-project into single, specific tasks that can be dispersed into your weekly schedule.

  • Ex. Mini Project: Create an Editorial Calendar for Blog.
  1. Think about the reader/target customer and what they’d want to read about.
  2. Brainstorm potential topics and choose favorite to start with.
  3. Research Keywords for each topic
  4. Create headlines and CTA’s for each topic.
  5. Download an Editorial Calendar template from Google and fill in topics, headlines, keyword and CTA info with publishing dates.

Observe your pre-existing schedule and spread the tasks throughout your week.

What days do you have the most downtime? Which pre-existing habits can be replaced with more productive habits? Once you’ve observed the way you manage your week, you can add each task in the appropriate day/time.

  • Week 1: Tuesday Evening @ 6-10pm: Brainstorm potential blog topics and circle my favorite 5
  • Week 2: Tuesday Evening @ 6-10pm: Solidify keywords, titles, and CTA’s for the 5 topics.

Be consistent with scheduling your goals each week. Choosing the same day and time fosters the repetition needed to form a habit.

  • Ex: Tuesday and Thursday Evening B/n 6-10pm: “Blogging Time”

Emphasize the habits more than the end result.

  • Let’s say your intention is to build a large following. Wanting 1200 new followers by December is nice, but you’ll never get there if you don’t get in the habit of publishing consistently.
  • Instead, make it your goal to publish every Tuesday and Thursday. That way, (with a proper strategy of course) gaining those 1,200 followers is inevitable.

Master your habits, and you’ll master success.

Fashion Angel Warrior

If you want to achieve your goals, always give yourself a schedule to follow rather than a deadline to obsess over. A vision with no actionable steps is a setup for disappointment!

What are your business goals? List one in the comments below. If one of your goals is to learn a new school skillset, check out our Online Courses here. From fabric sourcing to digital marketing, to pitching buyers – we’ve got it covered. 🙂 Start reviving your business goals one step at a time.

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