TOP 5 Fashion Wardrobe MUST HAVES | Closet Staple List | #2

As you probably already have heard I am giving away my top 5 wardrobe must haves right off my #ClosetStapleList! Last time I discussed the #1 on the list, the #LBD. Up next we have-

#2. The Cardigan- A basic cardigan is a MUST have in your closet!. Cardigans can add a pop of color and interest to any outfit. They are good to grab on the go when you need an extra layering piece to keep you warm on those windy fall days or in those summer air conditioned rooms. They also work great when you need to cover up a little skin for work, church, and dates. Cardigans comes in all different shapes and sizes. There is the classic crew, the fun boyfriend, or the quirky printed ones. And they can be worn several ways which makes them so VERSATILE! Wear it buttoned up or loose and open, or you can even dress it up with a brooch or great statement necklaces (another item on my Staple Accessory list)! And you know all those summer tops that you put away for the fall and winter??? Well, girl, you can bring them out again and layer a simple cardigan on top!

The Cardigan Sweater
The Cardigan Sweater

From left to right: JCrew boyfriend cardigan @Jcrew, Boston Proper leopard and scroll print cardigan @Boston_Proper, Status by Star Jones for QVC embellished collar cardigan@StarJonesESQ

What’s your favorite cardigan??  Send me a pic on Instagram @fashionangelwarrior #Cardi

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2 thoughts on “TOP 5 Fashion Wardrobe MUST HAVES | Closet Staple List | #2

  1. Karen says:

    I’m so glad that cardigans are getting their due! They are very versatile, and are definitely the thing to wear around the change of seasons. A few years ago I didn’t have any – but now I have about 8 of them!

    How can I order one of the tote bags? Are they sold out? Or do you still have some in stock?

  2. christined says:

    Hi Karen
    I’m so glad you agree that cardigans are a Closet Staple Must Have!!

    Yes you can still order a tote bag. I will be posting them to my etsy page soon. Please let me know how many you would like.

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