What To Do With Extra Fabric

what to do with extra fabric

Make even more designs with extra fabric!

Whether it’s from altering a dress, shirt, or pair of pants – or you just ordered too much – you’re bound to have a ton of extra fabric leftover as a fashion designer. Instead of throwing away the extra fabric, there are many different things you can create on your own. We’re here to show you some ideas of what to do with your extra fabric!


Of course the fabric is already being used to create a fashion line of clothes, but did you know you can create other fashion accessories with it?

What To Do With Extra Fabric FASHION

Create A Headband

The first item you can create with that extra fabric is a headband. Start by taking a long, rectangular piece from your attire. Next, lay it flat on a table, and fold each side to the middle. Then, flip your head upside down, and place the fabric around your head. Secure the fabric with a double-knot in the back, or twist it in the front. Finally, flip your head upright, and you got yourself a chic new headband to wear this season!

Tie Bows/Hair Ties

All you need is a 5×5 piece of fabric to create these cute hair accessories. Tie and glue the fabric together into a bow, then attach a bobby pin or hair tie to it. These are the perfect gifts to make for friends, family, or even your pets!

Make A Neck Scarf

The next one is just as easy, and super preppy. Take a folded rectangler piece, and sweep your hair to one side. Wrap the fabric around your neck, with both ends in the front. Make sure your hair is pulled out, and then tie a loose double-knot. Adjust the length and tightness by pulling on the fabric, and you got yourself a trendy neck scarf!

Wrap Your Purse Handle

You can also spruce up your purse with that extra fabric! Take a piece and a handbag you want to decorate. Start in the middle of the handle, and wrap the ends away from each other until the whole handle is covered. Then, tie each strand in a knot at the end so it stays in place. Finally, rock your new handbag in style!


Besides solely fashion, extra fabric can also be used in creative ways around your house.

HOME What To Do With Extra Fabric

Stitch a Fabric Rug

You can use up a ton of your fabric scraps with making a rag rug. The more different fabrics you stitch and tie together, the more unique it will be! Place it by the sink in your kitchen, use it as a bath mat, or place the decor in your bathroom!

Put Together Pot Holders/Coasters

By using a quilt stitch, you can easily create the prettiest pot holders around! Use strips of different types of printed fabric, and then finish with a striped binding. The same method can be used to create coasters – just make them in a smaller size!

Sew A Glasses Case

You’ll never lose your glasses again with a personalized case. Protect your glasses with your own fabric glasses cases! Choose any color or pattern you like based off of the extra fabric you have, and fashion it into a case that will protect your eye-wear from scratches.

Protect Your Books

Do your books become beat up easily? Or maybe you want them to look more fashionable? Well, you can easily cover your books in beautiful fabric scraps! Start by cutting a rectangle piece of fabric a little larger than the size of your book. Then spray the back side of the fabric and the outside of the book with spray glue, and carefully press your fabric out down. Cut the fabric in the corners and spine, and your book is ready to be read!

The possibilities are endless with what to do with extra fabric. Which idea are you going to try next? Or maybe you have some ideas we haven’t mentioned. We’d love to hear them! Be creative, and share with us the accessories you create!

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  1. Adriana says:

    These are the perfect sewing crafts. So much fabric is put to waste each year, and this is a step in the right direction.

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