Your Fashion Business Success Connects to Your Relationship With Money

Your Fashion Business Success Connects to Your Relationship With Money

Your Fashion Business Success = Your Relationship With Money = Your Self-Worth

Were you the ambitious, straight-A student in school or the complacent C- student? While this is an over-generalization, it’s safe to say that the primary difference between the A-students and the C-students were their levels of expectation. The A-students believed their hard work deserved an A+ while C-students were comfortable with the grades they received. Salary earnings, much like grades, are a metric of self-worth. If money is a source of value, then our relationship with it reveals how much we value ourselves and our potential. Naturally, as a “fashion-preneur,” your mindset about money influences your fashion business success.

To be a high-earning fashion business owner, you need a healthy relationship with money. Improving your relationship with money starts with your belief system. Read further as we dismantle five financially-limiting beliefs that will hinder your fashion business success.

“I’m bad with money.”  

We should live our lives totally free from our past. This statement reveals a defeatist, passive attitude towards financial success. As long as you believe this, you’ll remain financially stagnant and unwilling to take smart, calculated risks. You are responsible for your future and you have the ability to create wealth and manage money well!

High-earning fashion business owners are ASSERTIVE, not passive. They are resourceful learners who do whatever it takes to reach their financial goals.

Replace your limiting belief with this affirmation:

“I have the power to create wealth. Everything I need to achieve abundance lives inside of me.”

“It’s selfish to want a lot of money.”

This statement is often said by people who struggle with self-worth. Deep down they don’t believe that they are deserving of abundance and they reject the possibility of financial mobility. This low sense of self-worth is covered up with false humility. Have you formed an identity around “making C’s” in your business? If so do you believe you’re worthy and capable of more?

High-earning fashion business owners believe that they are WORTHY. They are always open to receiving more in their lives.

Replace this limiting belief with these affirmations:

“I am worthy of  financial abundance in every area of my life- especially my business.”

“My work exudes excellence and I will not undercharge for my talents/services/products.”

“Money is a limited resource.”

This statement embodies the scarcity mindset. The scarcity mindset believes that there are not enough resources for everyone. When they see their peers excelling, they feel threatened as if there are fewer opportunities/resources available for them.

High-earning fashion business owners have an ABUNDANCE-mindset. They see limitless possibilities to make money and they purposefully surround themselves with other high-earning, successful people.

Replace this limiting belief with this affirmation:

“I believe that opportunities to attract success and wealth are all around me.”

“Money is the root of all evil.”

Money is a neutral medium of exchange that represents value. Since money is a neutral medium, it’s not bad in and of itself. Money only reveals the heart of its owner.  Instead of thinking of money as evil, think of it as a means to provide value for others. It’s all about perspective. Whether you’re a stingy wealthy person or a philanthropic wealthy person – it’s your choice.

High-earning fashion business owners are GENEROUS. They believe that they are blessed to bless others.

Replace this limiting belief with these affirmations:

“Money is a neutral resource that can benefit the lives of many.”

“I will always use a portion of my business’s profits to bless other people.” 

“Mo’ money, Mo’ problems.”

This is a complacent, fear-based mindset that disguises itself as contentment. Fashion business owners with this mindset intentionally keep their operations small and they are usually control-freaks. They squash a potentially expansive vision because of their fear of the unknown. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to run a small business; but if you’re hindering potential growth out of fear– that’s a belief you might want to challenge.

High-earning fashion business owners are COURAGEOUS. They know that the need to “control” everything in their business will block destiny-altering opportunities and financial breakthroughs.

Replace this limiting belief with these affirmations:

“My money problems are smaller than the power within me. I am fully equipped to tackle any issue head on.”

“I place no limits on the potential success of my business.”

Did any of these beliefs resonate with you? Comment your favorite affirmation below and share with a friend! If you want to improve your money-mindset even more, try our Fashion Biz Foundation Online Course. Challenge your limiting beliefs and get ready for limitless fashion business success!

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