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Why Building a Personal Brand Could Make or Break your New Business!

Branding is everything, especially in the fashion industry.  When you hear of fashion brands like Michael Kors or Coach, Gucci, or Ralph Lauren, you immediately have an image or feeling that appears in your mind.  But what about personal brands?  Are they really necessary to have?  In our opinion, yes!  And so much so, that […]

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TOP 5 Fashion Wardrobe MUST HAVES | Closet Staple List | #1

Since my clients are always asking me, “What should I really have in my closet?” I decided to put together a Closet Staple List of 25 items that includes the top clothing, shoes, and accessory items every woman should have!  Today I’m giving you a sneak peak at the list #1. The Little Black Dress […]

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How to Start a Clothing Line! 5 Biggest Mistakes New FASHION DESIGNERS Make! Part 1

New VID is up! Ever wonder How to Start a Clothing Line!!! Well here’s what NOT to do.  I will be giving you the top 5 biggest mistakes all new fashion designers make.  This is a NEW series, subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel to get the next 4 mistake vids as soon as they’re up! […]

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A MUST HAVE item- The Statement Necklace!

The Fashion Angel Warrior is back!  Today I am going to tell you the one accessory every woman HAS TO HAVE in her closet.  Are you looking for something that you can instantly spice up any outfit?  A single piece of the RIGHT jewelry can immediately transform your basic jeans and t-shirt by adding a […]

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Let’s get CRAZY!!!…Crazy Pants that is in Florals/Prints/Ombre/Metallic

So last summer I decided to get a little crazy! No I didn’t go sky diving or anything like that, but I did decide to expand my wardrobe to include lots of interesting pants! It was getting to the point that I was wearing different pants so often that my friends nicknamed me “Crazy Pants” […]

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#MBFWSwim 10 year Anniversary: Top Miami Swim Week Fashion Designers!

In honor of #MBFWSwim (aka Miami Swim) Week’s 10th Year Anniversary, your Fashion Angel Warrior is going keep you update on the most popular and upcoming designers to look out for.  Here are my top 5 picks from last year’s Swim week.  Let’s see how they do this year! We are Handsome: Launching in 2009, […]