January Textile Week in NYC is Back!

Textile Week in NYC

Textile week in NYC is back! Textile week happens twice a year in NYC, typically in January and July every year. If you are a new emerging fashion designer you won’t want to miss these shows!!

From the latest trends in silhouettes, color and textiles, to fabric sourcing and seminars- these shows have it ALL!  And they are all FREE to attend!! I often attend these shows with my clients. Most new designers don’t have a clue when it comes to textiles, weight, hand, price, mins, shipping, production costs, grading, etc. A lot of companies will try to take advantage of you if you don’t know what you are doing.  So having an expert with you can help ensure you sound super smart and get the best price! My appointments for these days are booking fast. Please contact me here. More info about each one is listed below.  These shows typically occur only 2x a year so be sure to register now (links to register are included). Here are the dates for NYC for January 2019!

Jan 11th: CitySource= Want to have your line Made in America? Then this is for you! A ton of local manufacturers will gather and you can meet with them face to face to price compare and get quotes. There are also trim and embroidery suppliers too! Tip= Bring one of your samples with you to show them or a detailed sketch with fabric and construction info so they can give you a proper quote. Disclaimer= Not all factories are made equal and not all are honest. Unfortunately, a lot of people will promise you one thing and deliver something else. I can tell you specifically which ones to steer clear of so don’t worry! We will have a booth there (#104) and hosting a Domestic Manufacturing 101 event, so be sure to sign up!

Jan 15-16th: Premier Vision= This show brings together Trends, Textiles, Prints, Accessories and everything fashion. There are great seminars also (for a fee)! 

Jan 15-16th: DG Expo= This is the ultimate US Fabric Sourcing show and we will have a booth there! If you are looking for fabric suppliers here in the US that offer low minimums perfect for new designers, then you must attend this show! And please come say hi at our booth 🙂 

Jan 21-23rd: TexWorld= This is for Overseas Fabric Sourcing, as we’re also holding a Fabric Sourcing 101 event so be sure to sign up! Are you producing your garments overseas? If so you will benefit from also getting your fabrics from there as well. Yes, minimums are usually higher but prices are lower and you can pay a small surcharge for being under minimum.  The Apparel Sourcing show happens at the same time so you can also source your manufacturing overseas. Let me know which shows you will be attending! And don’t forget to download our FREE Fabric Sourcing Guide before you go!

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Fashion Consultant Christine Daal

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