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How You Can Meet the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles!!

Are you starting a fashion line, but completely clueless when it comes to production and manufacturing? Are you currently seeking well-vetted, LA vendors and manufacturers to produce your line? The LA Fashion District Manufacturing Tour is for YOU! For the very first time, Fashion Angel Warrior LLC is bringing its NYC Fashion Manufacturing Tours to Los Angeles! Led by fashion industry expert, Christine Daal, this 7-hour tour guides you through each step of the production process from an insider perspective! Come learn from some of the best clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles!

Who Will Benefit Most from this Tour?

  • Emerging designers who are eager to learn the complexities of the production process, how to cut costs, and communicate quality control standards
  • Designers who’d like to produce domestically/build relationships with the best clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles
  • Designers who’d like to learn from an industry professional and avoid wasting time/money making rookie mistakes
  • *Please note this tour is not for students or hobbyists

Build Relationships With:

  • Wholesale Fabric Suppliers- Did you know it’s best to source fabrics BEFORE you start sketching? Fabric weight, weave, and content are variables that will affect the outcome of your design. Learn how to source the right fabrics for your design ideas, with the best price and lowest minimums.
  • Wholesale Trim Suppliers- Trim supplier stops vary on each tour but they are always exciting! Whether it be zippers, buttons, labels, embroidery, or appliques; you’ll learn how to source with financial efficiency!
  • Patternmakers- Finding the right pattern-maker can make or break your design. Some pattern-makers are more technically-driven while others excel at unconventional, abstract designs. Also, different pattern-makers focus in different sectors of the market. For example, some patternmakers thrive in sportswear while others thrive in eveningwear and bridal. During this visit, you’ll learn how to determine whether a pattern-maker is right for your brand.
  • Manufacturers- From sizing to cutting and construction, the manufacturing process is very complex. During these visits, you’ll learn how to work with the best clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles and what questions you should ask during an interview.
  • Note that we have personally vetted these vendors for quality and professionalism! *The tour stops may vary depending on availability and attendees’ needs.*

Walk Away with Essential Development Tools:

  • Tech pack & Cutting Ticket Templates
  • Cheat sheets on Selecting Prints, Working with Patternmakers and More!
  • Production-Ready Checklist
  • Fabric Sourcing Guide
  • Standard Missy Specs and Grading Rules
  • A list of over 85 of our preferred vendors and suppliers

PLUS- Get all your questions answered by Christine Daal the Fashion Angel Warrior!!! Her clients pay over $300/hour to ask questions. You can ask her questions throughout the entire day!

Watch this Video and Catch a Sneak Peek Inside the LA Tour!

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3 thoughts on “Find the Best Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles | LA Manufacturing Tour

  1. Brittany J says:

    Hin, I am starting a clothing fashion line Im held up with finding the perfect manufacturer to customize my garments to my liking . I ran acros your page and wanted to know how could i get more information on finding a manufacture.

  2. Mirviala Altidor says:

    I’m starting a swimwear/resort wear line and wanted to know how to find the perfect manufacture for my designs. Also a manufacturer that works with small quantities for new starting businesses.

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