8 Ways Fitness Makes You Successful For Your Fashion Business

How can fitness help you succeed in your fashion business?

I have always been a huge fan of working out. I’m convinced that working out has had a huge part in all the success that I have had not only in my career, but also in my business. Therefore, I think that working out and working hard definitely go hand in hand, so it’s really important that you are doing something physical. There’s actually a ton of ways fitness makes you successful, which we’ll get into below.

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It comes down to mindset.

The key to success in business and with working out really comes all down to mindset. Think about these questions...

  • At what point are you willing to give up?
  • At what point are you going to tell yourself that you can't do it or quit because you think it's too hard?
  • Are you constantly telling yourself that you can do it and you are training your mind to think positively? OR you are constantly telling yourself I can't do it and you are training your mind to actually think negatively?

Your mind is a muscle - just like the regular muscles in our body - so it's really important that you work out that muscle. The best way to do that is by going to the gym. I find that the more I push myself in the gym, the more that I push myself in my business. If I do one more rep or increase the weight by just 5 pounds the next time I go, it’s the same as answering one more email, taking one more sales call, or staying up one more hour to get more work done.

Here are 8 Different Ways Fitness Makes You Successful For Your Business Fashion

1. It makes you happier and helps you to regain control of your moods. Whether you are stressed, frustrated, exhausted, or just feeling down or depressed, working out will definitely help you. This is because it releases endorphins, which actually helps to elevate your mood. It's been shown that people who are happy are actually 12% more productive, so for that reason alone I definitely would want to work out.

2. It can even help to build up your self-esteem. Once you see that you can start to do all these things at the gym, you'll start to feel that you can do anything and conquer anything that life throws at you. So once you start to be able to do all these things and start getting stronger, it will actually help increase your self-esteem. You will feel more empowered and more likely to take a leap of faith - especially in your business.  I am guessing that you all agree that it definitely helps to build your self-esteem.

3. It actually increases your energy. Working out will release endorphins and adrenaline, and adrenaline leaves you with an increased perceived strength. It also helps to diminish your sense of pain and increase your energy and awareness. Studies have shown that you can actually gain up to four extra hours of productivity just by working out every single day, so for that reason alone I definitely want to work out. The more energy you have, the more you are able to get done, the faster you are, and the more productive you are!

4. It also helps you to stay disciplined. By setting a workout schedule and goals, it can really help you start to become more disciplined. This will really help you to stick to your goals - not only in fitness - but also in your business. As you practice the discipline of planning your workout and achieving your goals, that’s just going to carry over into your business and you are going to start to form really great habits. Remember: follow through, and being consistent.

5. Working out definitely helps to build better habits. I know for me when I'm working out consistently, it also helps me to actually eat healthier. I think the reason is because working out actually links your brain with your body, and so subconsciously my body naturally starts to crave healthier food because your body knows what it needs. When you're working out, you are depleting a lot of things in your body and that needs to be restored. Then, eating better food will definitely help you to become smarter and more focused, it'll improve your concentration and sharpness, and even help you to sleep better. This is super crucial because as an entrepreneur and business owner, you're probably not getting enough sleep to begin with. Therefore, it is super important that you are eating good and you're taking care of your body.

6. Better focus. This will obviously lead to getting more things done and being more productive. Having a lack of focus, it’s very easy to get distracted. That’s why it's really important that we don't have a lack of focus and we start really being consistent and have better focus on our business. I find it especially when I'm really pressed for time and I force myself to work out, I actually stay more focused. It sounds crazy, but it definitely works.

7. Working out makes you a better multi-tasker. I believe that working out helps you to be better at multitasking. This goes the same for if you do dance or if you do some kind of a sport because you are multitasking as well with all of that. I need to multitask when I am at the gym because I can’t spend three hours doing every single muscle in my entire body every single day.  I am combining workouts together to be more efficient. I think a lot of businesses understand that this is true because they've actually started to add gyms inside of business. They know the benefits it is for their employees, they know that their employees are going to be sharper, they are going to get more things done, and they're going to be able to multitask which will only benefit the company. If companies are starting to put gyms inside their building and give you discounts on gym memberships, then yes there is definitely a reason for that. You want to be safe when you're multitasking though. I have definitely burned things on the stove by not paying attention and trying to multitask too much. So, you might not want to multitask with things on the stove for instance but always set a timer and make sure you are watching it. 

8. Working out helps you to live better and live longer. Working out helps to release oxygen in your body, get the blood flowing, and make all of those organs and all of those things in your body work the way God intended them to be. This will eventually help you to live longer and live better. You are going to get sick less and get injured less, which will help you have a better quality of life. Then, you'll be able to focus more on your business and hopefully become successful and profitable faster so you can retire earlier. That's my goal in life - I do not want to retire at the age of 65 - I would love to retire much earlier. So, it's all about getting in shape both inside and out.  

There you have it – my 8 ways fitness makes you successful for your fashion business. For more weekly fashion biz tips, join our Fearless Fashionpreneur Facebook Page!

Fashion Consultant Christine Daal

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