DIY: 10 Steps on How to Hem Pants (Wide Leg)

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Are your pants always too long on you? Tired of paying to have them altered? Wondering how to DIY? Well you have come to right spot! I took a pair of wide leg jeans that were too long and I will show you how to hem them perfectly in only 10 steps! Pay attention as this process is different depending on the leg opening of your pants!

FYI-The original hem on these jeans was about 2” wide…

Original Hem

Step 1: Put on your pants and measure your inseam on your body to see where you want the pant hem to hit. Tip= Try to have someone help you because as you bend over to measure you will be hiking up the pants slightly which could throw off your measurement. Put a mark (either in tailors chalk or with a safety pin). Tip= Be sure to wear the shoes you want as heels will differ from flats
Step 2: Take off the pants and draw a straight line across where the pin/mark is using a ruler. Do on both legs.
Step 3: Rip out the original hem using a seam ripper or small scissors.

Draw your lines!

Step 4: Decide on the width of your new hem and draw a chalk line from the Finish line to there (this will be your Hem line). Tip= Since these are wide leg pants you cannot do a wide hem without having to also take in the side seams so I decided to keep it a 1” hem instead of a 2” wide hem.
Step 5: Add your seam allowance (I left 1/2”) after the Hem line (this will be your Cut line)
Step 6: Cut along your cut line
Step 7: Fold on the Finish line and press flat with an iron

Fold on Finish Line & Press
Fold on Finish Line & Press

Step 8: Fold under the 1/2” seam allowance of the Hem line and pin along the edge. Then press this flat as well. Tip= Be sure to miter your corners before you pin so there is not a lot of bulk on the stitch line.



Step 9: Stitch the hem down right along the edge of the hem line. Tip= Use the same color thread as was originally on the hem or if you want a contrast go for it!


Step 10: Turn pants inside out and press flat! Voila! Perfectly hemmed jeans!diy-wide-hem-7

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4 thoughts on “DIY: 10 Steps on How to Hem Pants (Wide Leg)

  1. Ally says:

    I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember, Jr high school at least! I’m 5’2″, 125 lbs and I but jeans usually a size higher than I need, because I love loose pants.
    My jeans are really wide and baggy in the legs, and I always wear flared jeans. All of my jeans drag on the ground, I gave up back in high school and just walked on the backs of my jeans. I also wear my overalls a lot, be and those are wicked big and baggy on my ass well. My overalls tend to swamp my shoes, so the hems on my overalls are super tattered and worn!

      • Ally says:

        No that’s how I like to wear my jeans and overalls. All of us seem to wear really big jeans and super baggy overalls here also. If you saw my group of friends out in public, be all of us would be walking all over our hems!

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