Fashion Product Descriptions: How to Write One That SELLS!

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Writing sales-worthy fashion product descriptions is a skill that many startups lack–don’t be one of those startups!

I don’t know about you, but I am a very particular shopper. I always have a ton of questions concerning fit, durability, fabric, and care that NEED to be addressed before I finally purchase a new item. As an avid brick and mortar shopper, I’ve developed a growing love for the e-commerce experience. And I realize that it all comes down to the product descriptions. It sounds like a simple, but effective descriptions require a string of components: storytelling, trust-building, SEO, formatting– in order to drive that sale home. Here are our top 9 tips for writing IMPACTFUL fashion product descriptions that SELL!

Know Your Buyer and speak DIRECTLY to them. Be PERSONABLE!

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If you’re setting up your e-commerce shop, I’m assuming that you’ve already done comprehensive market research! You aren’t ready to write ANY form of copy until you know your ideal buyer.

  • What kind of questions do your customers typically ask when making a purchase?
  • What matters to them? What concerns do they have?
  • What kind of humor do they have?
  • What’s their level of vocabulary- do they like slang or do they hate it?

Imagine that you are a sales associate talking face-to-face with a client. This is how you want virtual customers to feel as they read your descriptions. Knowing your customer allows you to write in a voice that resonates with them. And this voice should fit inside of your branding universe—keeping consistent with your Instagram captions, blogs, and newsletters.

This Doll’s Kill description is a great example of a brand who knows their customer’s lingo.

Be INFORMATIVE and CONCISE. Avoid “eye-roller phrases.

A product description’s core function is to provide information for your customers.

It’s tempting to write typical clichés like “the perfect handbag” or “long-lasting quality.” But this is what we call fluffy, “eye-roller” phrases. Statements like this can kill your credibility.

Instead of writing sweet nothings, anticipate questions that a buyer might ask about your product. Are there any details or features that aren’t seen on the photos… does that dress have pockets?

Be concise and informative. Don’t say that your wrap skirt “flatters every body type.” Instead, list specific features that PROVE what you’re selling. Listing features like an adjustable waistband or a unique tying mechanism will more likely drive the point home.

Check out this list from a Zappo’s sneaker description:

Keep It Relevant to Their Lifestyle

This leads us to the next point. As you start writing about your product features, keep it conversational. So many fashion product descriptions ramble about detailed features and materials without explaining how they BENEFIT the client. Keep it relevant and don’t assume a customer knows what a feature will do for them—spell it out.

Check out this description from one of Lululemon’s Yoga Pants:

Utilize Powerful Storytelling

Good product copy should be informative and relevant, but you can take it a step further by evoking an emotion!

Create a feeling of CONNECTION.

Answering the following types of questions will help others CONNECT with your product or mission.

  • Who made this product?
  • What inspired this design?
  • What obstacles did you overcome to produce this item?
  • How was it made/crafted?
  • Are you giving a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause?

Appeal to their IMAGINATIONS.

Sell a lifestyle or an experience- use sensory words!

Studies show that a person’s desire to own something skyrockets once they’ve held it in their hands. Since you’re selling online, you’ll need to ramp up the senses with evocative storytelling, clear visuals, or videos.

Check out this description from ethical shoe brand, Brother Vellies for a better idea:


When you shop at a brick-and-mortar, it’s only natural for a sales associate to upsell you with complementary pieces. Use the same tactic in your product descriptions! Net-a-Porter does this in the image below:

Also check out ASOS’s “Shop the Look” and Red Dress Boutique’s “Similar Items” section for more examples.


Shoppers will believe other shoppers before they’ll believe you. If your products are complemented with quotes from happy customers, then others are 10x more likely to purchase.

Modcloth posts reviews, and they even go a step further by adding a gallery of customers wearing their styles:

Be Mindful of the User Experience

Just like you would with a blog post or newsletter, you should format your copy in a way that’s scannable and easy to read. Bullet points, headlines, type hierarchy, lists, and bolded fonts go a long way—especially when a customer is trying to buy something on the go– which leads us to the next point…

Be Mobile Friendly!

Most websites have a mobile-friendly feature built in, but it’s your job to keep product descriptions concise and consistent throughout your entire website.

Utilize SEO

Your fashion product descriptions, just like the rest of your website copy, will be crawled by search engines. Try to think of what your customers would type in Google in order to find your product. Include those keyword phrases in your description.

If your product descriptions are SEO optimized, then your products will be easily by found new potential buyers! If you’d like to learn more about SEO and other digital marketing tactics, sign up here!

Product descriptions make up only one part of your e-commerce site. If you want to learn more, we’ll be hosting a seminar “How To Build an E-Commerce Store That Sells” at DG Expo Chicago on August 27! Register here to find out more!

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