How the Fashion World is Changing for Plus-Size Women

How the Fashion World is Changing for Plus-Size Women

The fashion world is changing for plus-size women, as you should change your mind, too.

For as long as fashion has been an industry, the plus-size market has been living in the shadows of their size two counterparts — under-served and underrepresented. This is despite the fact that a whopping 68% of American womennow wear a size 14 or above.

In 2016, even industry veteran Tim Gunn slammed the fashion world for upholding unrealistic standards. “Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women,” he expressed. “It’s a disgrace.”

Sure enough, if you peruse the racks of the most up-and-coming brands, rarely will you ever come across trendy designs that cater to plus-size customers. “Being plus-size doesn’t mean that I don’t have an eye for fashion,”shares writer Emily Zirimis on Man Repeller.

Big Brands Are Changing For Plus-Size Women

Although it’s been a slow climb over the years, the industry is finally catching up. Larger brands like Nike are taking the helm at extended sizing, which could be because they can absorb the costs more easily. The sports apparel brand made waves in 2017 when they launched their first plus-size campaign, fronted by curvy influencers Grace Victory and Danielle Vanier.

How the Fashion World is Changing for Plus-Size Women
Nike Plus-Size Collection / Credit: The Independent

Even fast fashion brand Forever 21 isn’t exempt, having collaborated with models Lulu Bonfils and Barbie Ferreira for their plus-size collection expansion.

Independent Brands Are Reshaping Their Plus Sizes

Meanwhile, independent brands are not only getting a slice of the inclusive pie — they’re completely reshaping it and filling gaps that more established companies have long failed to do. Girlfriend Collective is one such brand that is not only inclusive, but sustainable, too. Their leggings have garnered such a cult following from women of all sizes, opening the doors for the extremely popular and versatile Athleisure trend for more and more women. Meanwhile, Woman Within is carving out a one-stop-shop e-commerce space for curvy women who feel limited by the range of accessible clothing choices available to them on the consumer market. Now, garments for every body shape, occasion, and style are made readily available through just one click of a button. It helps that the site also takes on a body positive stance, taking extended sizing out of the niche corners and into the mainstream.

How the Fashion World is Changing for Plus-Size Women
Girlfriend Collective / Credit: Girlfriend Collective

With all these new brands and collections popping up, it comes as no surprise that revenue in the plus-size category increased by 14% between 2013 and 2016. A huge part of the shift can be credited to social media. Because more personalities like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham have used it as a platform to promote body positivity, it has sparked meaningful conversations and empowered consumers to criticize brands who refuse to join the movement.

The Plus-Size Women Industry Still Needs To Grow

All in all, while the strides towards progress cannot be ignored, we still have a long way to go. The luxury world, in particular, continues to lack in the inclusive department, with very limited high fashion labels committing to the cause. This is only the beginning though, as more improvements are made in the industry every day.

How do you see the fashion world changing for plus-size women? Share your input below in the comments!

Article courtesy of Roger Bruster

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