How To Go From Work To Workout

How To Go From Work To Workout

Ever wonder how people go from work to workout afterwards?

It’s actually quite simple and quick to do, as long as you have the right gear, mindset, and plan ahead. It’s proven that fitness contributes to your success, which is why many employees will go to the gym straight from work, or vice versa. There’s really no excuse that you don’t have time to workout because of work, for there is always time before or after if you are truly dedicated. So if you’re thinking of trying this trend out and hopping on the bandwagon, then follow these tips on how to go from work to workout efficiently!

Wear Transitional Clothing

The number one tip is to physically wear clothing that can take you from work to workout. Depending on your job and the office dress code, this can be so easy to do now-a-days since athleisure-wear is the new, trending style. It’s surprisingly easy to find professional clothing that isn’t restrictive and could function as workout wear. Observe your closet carefully and look for movable fabrics, breathable shirts, leggings or yoga pants, and fashionable sneakers. You can even wear your sports bra under your attire so you don’t need to change bras, and there’s a ton of new clothing lines out there such as Beta Brand that make yoga pants that look like dress pants!

Comfortable Shoes

If you decide not to wear sneakers at work, that’s fine. You may see that many employees will walk to work with sneakers, and then change into a fancier pair of shoes once they get to the office. The key to ‘work to workout’ is to always keep sneakers, flats, and a pair of heels in your office if you can. Just like accessories, you can effortlessly dress up an outfit and be prepared for both a meeting and a killer workout session.

Think Accessories

An easy way to transition from work to workout is to keep your outfit simple and just think about some easy accessories you can simply take off when you get to the gym. You’ll want to wear a smartwatch that is good for both work and working out, and then play around with easy layering pieces. Choose simple accessories that can easily be taken on and off, and won’t get tangled up in your gym bag, such as a statement necklace or earrings. That way you can dress up your athleisure look with jewelry for work, and still take it off for the gym.

Consider Hair & Makeup

If you know you’re going to workout and go to work afterwards same day, you also have to consider your hair and makeup. If you’re going from your workout to work, then you should be using dry shampoos or salt sprays. The trick is to put the product in before your workout starts, and then touch it up for a refreshed style post-workout. This will prevent your hair from getting too greasy and messy. Of course, whether you choose to workout before or after, you can always opt for a sleek ponytail, braid, or bun that looks great in both atmospheres. As far as makeup goes, you have two options; either wear minimal face makeup that is waterproof (and sweat proof!), or go natural and bare-faced.

Master Quick Washes

You’re bound to get sweaty if you workout before work, so you need to be prepared. Either master the 2-minute shower, or opt for freshening cloths. You can get these right at a drugstore, and they’re perfect for cleaning both your face and body quickly. You should also always carry around, or stash in your desk, perfume and deodorant with you to use either before or after work. You’ll feel freshened up instantly!

Prepare Snacks & Drinks

When you go to the gym, you should already be bringing a water bottle or energy drink with you to stay hydrated. But when you go to work AND the gym, you need to prepare yourself and bring more. And make sure you are drinking enough during the day to keep your body going. The same goes for snacks, which you will need for energy. It’s essential to eat a proper lunch and load up on protein and nutrients. This may sound like common sense, but many people forget to pack extra for these longer days.

These are our tips, what are yours?  How do you go from work to workout? Let us know below!

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