How To Create The Perfect Tagline For Your Business

How To Create The Perfect Tagline For Your Business

Have a business, but don’t know how to create the perfect tagline?

Well don’t worry – you’re not alone. Being a fashion designer is all about being creative, but some of us can’t be as creative with our words. We’re here to break down the formation of taglines and make the process a little easier for you.

Why Do You Need A Tagline?

And what exactly is a tagline? A lot of people get confused with what taglines are. First off, you need to have a logo as a fashion brand. It’s not absolutely necessary that you have a tagline, but in my opinion, it’s 10 times better if you do have one. If you need extra help creating the perfect logo and tagline for your business, I highly recommend taking our Mastering Digital Marketing course where we go through the exact process!

For starters though, a tagline is that little catchphrase that you will see at the end of someone’s logo or underneath their logo. Often you will put this on business cards or use it for advertising purposes. It’s meant to be catchy, memorable, and stick in your brain. It also can sometimes be used to further explain what your brand is about or what you stand for. Taglines can really help to show the personality of your brand, get your messaging across, tell people exactly what you’re selling, or tell the function of what you’re selling. Below are simple tagline ideas to help you begin the process!

The 3 Word Tagline

The easiest route to go with is to come up with 3 words that describe your business. A perfect example of this is EllaBelle, a women’s athletic wear company, and their tagline is, “Course, Court, & Beyond.” I love that tagline because it tells you exactly where you should wear their products. They want you to wear them to the golf course, the tennis court, and then beyond that meaning it’s not just for golf or tennis, but you can actually wear this  clothing to the gym or any athletic type of activity. Without that tagline, the name and the logo itself EllaBelle doesn’t really tell me much and I have no idea what the company is about. But with that tagline, it really shows you what they’re all about and what their product or service is. That’s why taglines can really help your business. Two more great examples to look at are “Easy, breezy, beautiful” by CoverGirl and “Creative. Colorful. Classic” by Coco Ako, a client of mine.

The Vision/Mission Tagline

We have a tagline for Fashion Angel Warrior, and it’s “Turning your passion for fashion into a reality.”  That’s our goal and our vision, and why the business was created in the first place. Therefore, your tagline could also be your vision of your company. What’s the reason you started your business? Where do you see it going in the future? Another great example to look at is Aerie. Their company is formed around body positivity, advertising untouched photos and curating the hashtag, #AerieReal. Their tagline is, “the real you is sexy,” which exactly showcases their vision and mission. L’Oréal Paris also exhibits this, being an affordable beauty company to all. They follow their company’s values with the tagline, “Because You’re Worth It.”

The USP Tagline

Besides following your mission statement, you could also  use your USP That is, your Unique Selling Point or Proposition. What makes your company different from the rest? What makes your product one-of-a-kind? This is definitely something your customers will remember. A client of mine started a nursing line, Momsie, that consists of modest clothing that is meant to help keep a woman properly covered during breastfeeding. Her tagline is, “We’ve Got You Covered,” which is exactly the highlight of her products. Levi is the world’s favorite and original jeans for everyday people, so their tagline “Original jeans. Original people” and “Quality never goes out of style” is super fitting as well. Another example is TOMS “One for One.” Through purchases, TOMS helps provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention services to people in need. This tagline includes both their USP and mission together.

Empowering/Emotional/Call to Action

Most people are compelled to take action when a company’s tagline is emotional or empowering. We all know Nike’s “Just Do It,” and it’s so known because of how powerful the message is. Another great example is “Real Beauty,” which was originally a campaign by Dove and now used as their tagline. This is the brand’s effort to promote body awareness and acceptance among women, which is super empowering. You could also look at Rent The Runway’s, “Wear Something New Everyday,” which hits a pain point of many. If you want to create a simple call-to-action, then simply turn your tagline into a question. “Got Milk?” and “Can You Hear Me Now?” are both memorable taglines that make you think about your current situation and entice you to change your buying habits.

The Play On Words Tagline

Lastly, you could also use the play on words tagline. In this option, you could take your company’s name, and think of another word/phrase that goes with it. For example, Maybelline’s is “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” Here they took the word ‘Maybe’ since it is literally the first part of the brand name ‘Maybelline,’ or you could also find something catchy or cute that has to do with your company. Another example is a fashion company called Chou Chou Golf, who plays around with the golf sport their clothes are designed for by making their tagline, “Beyond Par.” As you can see, there’s an array of possibilities for you. Start jotting down words that describe your business, and see the combinations you can create!

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