How To Wear Neon To The Office

These big, bold, bright colors that we call Neons always seem to be one of the hottest trends for Summer.  And yes, while it’s super easy to wear that neon bikini or cover up to the beach, can you actually rock neon at the office?  While some office environments are super conservative, most others are more flexible and so with those, neons can absolutely be worn IF done in the right way!  There are 4 keys to pulling off the neon office look;

1. Avoid looking like a watermelon by always picking one Main neon item and pairing it with something in a neutral color to tone it down.  Here I paired my Neon Pink Victoria’s Secret button down shirt with a khaki colored pencil skirt.  Also a trick is to wear the neon item on the area of your body that you want to appear larger.  Since I am slightly larger on the bottom, I chose the wear neon on top to even my shape out a bit.

My Neon Outfit
My Neon Outfit

2. When going with a lot of neon, keep your accessories few and simple.  Let that neon piece stand out!  All of my accessories are also neutral tones.  The wood necklace and bracelet add a bit of a rustic feeling while the see-through belt is trimmed very lightly in neon yellow along the edges (I got this in Paris at Galleries Lafayette).  The combo of textures from all the pieces adds to the look without making it too busy.


3. Keep warm & cool tones together and avoid black if you can.  Neon Yellow or Lime go great with Grays while Neon Pink and Orange go perfect with Beiges.  And while I am never a big fan of black in general (it definitely will look too stark with those neons), you can always try it’s close cousin- Navy which I am loving paired with Neon Pink and Lime!  Oh and let’s not forget White and Chambray also make great partners in crime to Neons :)

Pics taken from; and
Pics taken from; and

4. If you are still a little fearful of looking like a highlighter, you can opt for a more subtle approach by choosing that neon piece to be an accessory, like shoes or a clutch, or maybe even going more discreet as with neon nails!  Here I chose just to have one neon statement nail!


Finally here is a quick reminder of what NOT to wear with Neon;

-Don’t mix with black or you can look like a bumble bee

-Don’t colorblock too many neon colors together

-Don’t wear head to toe one color neon

-Don’t try to be too matchy matchy or tonal with your neons

Pics taken from
Pics taken from

Comment below and let me know how you wear your Neon to the Office!

Lots of Love

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  1. Charlene f. says:

    Love this article!! I like neon…but don’t know how to really wear it except for polish only toes. Now I gotta go shopping !!

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