Social Media Marketing for Introverts: How to Show Up and Build Your Audience

Social Media Marketing for Introverts

Social Media Marketing for Introverts: Start By Embracing Your Superpowers

Diving into the Powers of Introversion

Marketing is the heart of entrepreneurship. Whether you identify as an introvert or an extrovert, your personality is never an excuse to shy away from social media outlets.   Business experts say that today is the best time for introverted entrepreneurs to shine! With the influx of technology and the impact of social media, introvert types can promote themselves from the comfort of their own homes… that easy right? That may be partly true, but if you’re anything like me, you know that even ten minutes scrolling on Instagram is often draining and overstimulating. But it’s all about perspective. Social media can feel like a big competition or a meeting ground for kindred spirits. Managing energy levels and embracing the powers of introspection, reflection, and abstract thought is the foundation of social media marketing for introverts!

Reliance on Strategy and Preparation

While introverts aren’t the most assertive types, their powers lie in their contemplation, reflection, and introspection. Social media isn’t about jumping in front of a camera or chasing after likes. It’s curated, thoughtful, and STRATEGIC. Unlike extraverts who rely on their ease in social settings, introverts rely on strategy and preparation which is crucial for in-bound marketing efforts like blogs, podcasts and videos.

A great social media influencer is simply one that has something to say– they set their insecurities aside for the sake of their message.

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Practical Tips:

Plan Ahead

Introverts are drained by too many external stimuli. To avoid burnout, prepare your content ahead of time and leverage your strengths. Are you great at photography and videography? Then spend most of your time on visual content creation and use layout apps like Preview or Unum to plan your posts ahead of time.

Or maybe you’re better at writing? Promote your blog and send out newsletters consistently. Not only is blogging driving website traffic, but it’s also a key way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your sphere of influence. Guest blogging and publishing on Medium or relevant online magazines are other ways to grow organically.

Go with Your Natural Energy Levels + Recharge

The more you grow your online presence, the more feedback you’ll receive. Instead of responding to comments immediately- allot specific times for checking your accounts and responding to comments. It’s also helpful to turn your notifications off so you’re not constantly bombarded with updates throughout the day.

A constant flood of ads and global catastrophes gets distracting after a while. If you find yourself scrolling through a ton of junk, go on an unfollowing spree—only staying connected with those who provide meaningful content and interaction. Allow adequate time for rest and schedule social media hiatuses during marketing “down times.” Try planning a month of posts at a time so you’re not always pumping out new content. If you hate managing the comments, hire a virtual assistant or intern to handle the community engagement side while you manage the curation and content. Remember you control your social media intake, don’t let it control you!

Don’t Be a Perfectionist About It!

Due to their contemplative, introspective qualities; introverts spend A LOT of time in their heads which makes their inner critics even louder than extroverts’. If you find yourself asking: “Is this good enough?” “Will my followers actually care?” “Who am I to brand myself ?– then you’re overthinking! Don’t allow your fear to hold you back any longer. If you want to take your business to the next level, leverage your introverted strengths and commit to it!

Remember that winners never quit on themselves!

What was your favorite tip? Comment below, we want to hear from you! If you’d like more help with your social media efforts, try booking our 30-Day Instagram Starter Pack or hire an agency to manage your social media outlets for you!

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