The Fashion Business Coach: Why You Need One for Success

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Twenty percent of businesses fail within their first year and fifty percent fail within their first five. So, you can only imagine what it’s like to navigate the volatile climate of fashion. In the dawn of the retail apocalypse, emerging designers need more wisdom now than ever before. Whether you’re fighting for relevance in a sea of competition or dissecting ever-increasing consumer demands; you can reap SERIOUS benefits from hiring a fashion business coach– and here’s why…

You’ll Make Less Mistakes and Save More Money!

Did you know that companies who utilize coaching/consultant services reap an 86% return on investment?!

When choosing a time + money saving fashion business coach, look for:

  • An expert with proven success and conscientiousness- Does your coach have proven experience in the industry? Have they been formally trained in design? What positions have they held within their industry? And what standard of work did they produce? Do they have a proven track record of producing designs that sell? Look up their credentials and snuff out a few of their references. Only someone with a high level of expertise will notice and anticipate such critical issues in your business.
  • Someone who’s already “went through it”- Not every fashion business coach has run their own fashion line, but ideally, you’d like someone that has this experience. Being Design Director or SVP at a fashion company is great, but achieving success as a solopreneur is a totally different story. Seek out an expert who has literally walked in your startup designer shoes!

The business of fashion design is extremely multi-faceted. There’s no tell-all book because, in this industry, experience is your best teacher. It takes years to master an understanding of the fashion calendar, sourcing procedures, fit technicalities, sales models, and every other skill required for success. But this is where a fashion business coach becomes handy. As a creative, it’s your job to get your vision across and spread the word. So, think of your fashion business coach as a mentor who can fill in the rest of the missing gaps. A good fashion business coach has a history of hard-earned experience and even failures. Lean on their guidance so you can avoid the pitfalls they’ve encountered in the past.

Because Mentorship is A Proven Model for Success!

Did you know that 70% of mentored businesses last longer than five years? Mentorship has always been an indicator of success and longevity, yet so many designers want to do everything on their own! Look at the medical field–doctors can’t even launch their career until they complete a residency program!

The CEOs of the leading tech companies were mentored as well. Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs was mentored by Mike Markulla. Who knows if these companies would have been successful if their leaders weren’t professionally guided?

This is evident in the fitness world as well. In many ways, your fashion business coach is like your personal trainer. Trainers are always there to watch and guide you, holding you accountable for your progress. They also provide encouragement- giving you the emotional intelligence needed to make sound decisions.

With the right coach and a teachable attitude, you’ll achieve your goals 100% faster than going at it yourself!

You’ll Gain a True Confidant Who Has Your Best Interest at Heart

  • Think of your fashion coach like a business partner. They’ll give you a fresh perspective on your ideas and they’ll always be there to listen when times get rough! They know the long hours and stress, but they also know the relief and fulfillment that comes after success!
  • Your coach is your accountability partner, which is great if you’re someone who works better under pressure! Imagine what it’s like to always have someone keep you on track, anticipate your needs, and cover your blind spots.
  • Lastly, your fashion coach is your personal cheerleader–they should have vested interest in your business! The best fashion coaches don’t just provide general, “cookie-cutter” knowledge. They are gifted at tailoring their expertise to your specific vision. They know that fulfillment doesn’t just come from sales pouring in, but from your creative vision coming alive!

You’ll Get Access to the RIGHT Resources!

Having trouble finding competent manufacturers and fabric suppliers? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options, but a good fashion coach will have LISTS of valuable industry contacts!

Working with a coach gives you access to not just any resources, but the RIGHT resources. We all know how long it takes to make solid connections, and it’s hard to know which ones will be most beneficial for you. With the help of a fashion business coach, you will not only save time and money but the energy and stress of building professional relationships.

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