Client Spotlight – How One Clothing Brand Uses Their Passion as Their USP

Client Spotlight - How One Clothing Brand Uses Their Passion as Their USP

By definition, USP (or unique selling proposition) is “a feature or characteristic of a product, service, etc. that distinguishes it from others of a similar nature and makes it more appealing.” Basically, it’s what makes your product different and stand out from your competition. One clothing brand uses their passion as their USP,  as we take a closer look into a successful client of ours, Kelly Cooper of Tomato Superstar.

Q: What’s with the name Tomato Superstar?

A: My daughter actually came up with the name of this clothing line. The phrase “Tomato Superstar” comes from a knock-knock joke she made up inspired by the cartoon “Veggie Tales.”  Who else, but a kid, could come up with something so imaginative? The brand’s name represents the uniqueness of each girl and her birth right to live and thrive in her stardom.

Q: Describe the line for us.

A: The line is bohemian and we carry tunics, dresses, and accessories that are flowy, colorful, and eclectic. Our clothing line helps cultivate her originality and express her free spirit.

Q: How did you come up with the idea? What was your inspiration?

A: Not being able to find sensibly-priced, well-made, and uniquely designed clothes for my daughter, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew I was armed with a talent for design and a passion for uplifting the spirit of young girls, so Tomato Superstar was born.

Q: What charities are you partnering with? Why did you pick them?

A: I‘m not partnering with a specific charity, however we are donating to a few. We are sponsoring a girl in India through the Invisible Girl Project and donate to charities that fight human trafficking like Thorn & the Dream Center.

Q: Tell us why ending human trafficking is so important to you.

A: To me, human trafficking is one of the most oppressive crimes to be committed against another human being. I think every child deserves their own voice and it’s their birthright to be their own unique, special person. Human trafficking completely strips them of this basic right.

Q: What goals do you hope to accomplish with this line?

A: I’m hoping to continue growing my business and being able  to donate to as many charities as possible. To me business isn’t worth it if you aren’t giving back to those in need.

Q: Where do you see this going in the future?

A: I see this business thriving and helping many girls in need.

Q: What’s one piece of advice you would give others who want to start a fashion line?

A: Be patient and learn from the many mistakes you will likely make. I also advise you to work with a mentor with a solid background in the fashion industry. Fashion design isn’t only about the artistic, fun side of designing clothes. There is an entire merchandising side to the business that will either make you or break you.

Q: How has working with Fashion Angel Warrior helped you with your business?

A: Christine is my personal business coach and has helped me immensely. She prays with me before each session and helps me stay focused. The main purpose of this business is to help marginalized girls and victims of human trafficking. She understands this and puts her heart into all she does. I trust her and feel that she was put into my life for a reason. I’ve met a lot of other people in this industry that weren’t willing to help the way that she has. The blog writer, Kristin Bruce, has also been amazing. She is very talented and has helped drive traffic to my website through her excellent blog posts.

Please check out Kelly’s website for the cutest boho clothes you’ll ever see as well as learn about their philanthropic efforts. You can also follow them on Instagram @tomatosuperstar and join their new Facebook Group, Moms of Tweens Tribe!

Fashion Consultant Christine Daal

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