How to Start a Clothing Line! 5 Biggest Mistakes New Fashion Designers Make! Part 1

Ever wonder How to Start a Clothing Line!!! Well here’s what NOT to do.  I will be giving you the top 5 biggest mistakes all new fashion designers make.  This is one of my series, subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel!

Watch this one now and comment below if you have ever made this mistake!



(These Mistakes Could Cost You Your Entire Business!)



The One Thing To Do To 10x Your Sales!

How Much it REALLY Costs to Start a Line

How to Properly Cost Your Product

What NOT To Do If You Want a Profitable Line

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2 thoughts on “How to Start a Clothing Line! 5 Biggest Mistakes New Fashion Designers Make! Part 1

  1. Jay Arbetman says:

    I certainly agree about the uselessness of a fashion show in developing a fashion line. Just a word about trade shows. OK, maybe it is a lot more than a word.

    Here is a fact about trade shows. 85% to 90% of the money being spent is predetermined to be spent on lines a retailer is already using or has already identified and with sales representatives that they already know. That means that your $2,000 booth is only getting a shot at 10 to 15% of the money in play at a show.
    Here is another fact to keep in mind. The garment business eats it young. At a show, everything is stacked against you. You will always have the worst location. You are likely to be paying more for your space than an establish exhibitor. You will not know all of the tricks involved in making your booth look fabulous. You will not know the buyers. You will not know the little fish from the big fish. No matter how fabulous you think you are, you are more than likely to lose money at your first trade show.
    So at the end of the day, here is the best advice anyone will ever give you about apparel trade shows. START WITH THE CHEAPEST SHOW. Sadly, it is unlikely that you will do much business at your initial showing so go to school at a place where you are not dropping the rent.
    NEVER start off at shows in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and anyplace else that charges more than $500.00 for booth space. These shows are not geared for start-ups. Remember, the people selling the booth space will never tell you any of this. In fact, they will make it sound as if there show is ESSENTIAL.
    I have a designer friend who is fabulously talented. A skilled sewer. A quality technician. Her line was absolutely drop dead GREAT. $30,000 in shows later, she was out of business.
    You’ve got to get a kiss before you get married. A nice little show in Traverse City, Michigan or Des Moines, IA or Tunica, MS is more likely than not to be the best place to start.
    Better than actually exhibiting at these shows, walk a show or two so you will see what effective display looks like. You will understand the importance of optional (and sometimes costly) lighting, the necessity of which varies from facility to facility.
    Many shows run four or five times a year. Only one or two of those shows are likely to be the best show of the year. Again, walking the show may assist you in gathering this kind of info. Selling swimwear? The shows running in August through October gives you better access to the open to buy dollars that are applicable to you. Making wool coats? These are purchased by retailers at Fall selling shows which run in the first third of the year.
    Remember, keep the lid on expenses. Walk a show or two before exhibiting. Go to shows where the open to buy that is applicable to your product is being spent.

  2. christined says:

    Hi Jay
    Thanks so much for the added advice! You are so right and I’m glad you pointed this out. I agree that newbie designers do need to keep a close eye on expenses and put their money in areas that will give the biggest return.

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