How to Bounce Back from Covid-19: 8 Things Fashionpreneurs Should Be Doing Now

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How to Bounce Back from Covid-19: 8 Things Fashionpreneurs Should Be Doing Now

In this week’s post we’re continuing our series on the coronavirus and its impact on business and discuss ways Fashionpreneurs can bounce back from Covid-19. I’ll give you 8 things you should be doing now as the country remains on lockdown and we wait for shelter in place orders to be lifted.

Most brands are concerned about two things right now. They either haven’t launched yet and are concerned about production OR they’ve launched and are worried about sales. But we are Fearless Fashionpreneurs and we don’t worry, we act!

8 Things Fashionpreneurs Should be Doing Now to Bounce Back from Covid-19

1. Work on your insta!

Online community is SO important now. A lack of sports, Covid-19 coverage fatigue and lockdowns means a surge in social media. More people than ever are coming to us right now for all our Instagram services.

If you’ve been so focused on getting your product and launch ready and have put your social media on the back burner, then now is the time to take steps and bounce back from covid-19. It will make all the difference when we come out on the other side of this. Our Instagram Growth Service is guaranteed to grow your Instagram following anywhere from 200 to 1500 followers per month. We have people that are absolutely loving it and killing it with their follower counts. These are organic, targeted, followers and super affordable at only 150 dollars a month! But maybe you need help creating content or you’re unsure what to post. We can create all content for you with our Instagram Starter Pack. For only 250 a month, you’ll get 24 posts, 24 captions and two sets of hashtags. Email us or book a 20-minute call if you are interested in working with us.

2. Start influencer marketing

Vogue Business reports on influencers reporting an increase in affiliate sales. If you already have a product, start influencer marketing, and increase it if you have already have it. Managing and finding the right influencer requires a lot of work. We have a list of vetted influencers and know who is good, who is not, where their strengths lie and more. We can set up a 20-minute call if you’d like some advice or take advantage of our service. To learn more you can find past live chats in our Fearless Fashionpreneur Facebook group archives.

3.Start preparing copy for social media ads

The ad spend for large companies has scaled back, which presents an opportunity for small businesses. Less competition on social media is a great opportunity for your business to bounce back from covid-19. Get creative and shine some light on the world during these dark times, but also be careful as you want to be sensitive. WordStream also wrote an article that has great strategies for social media advertising during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, if you haven’t done ads on Facebook or Instagram yet or have been thinking about it, now is the time to get that copy ready.

4. Revamp your website and get your SEO going

We do SEO for a lot of our clients and have been able to get anywhere from 25% to 200% increase month over month, so a revamp is important. Or you can hire someone who might’ve lost their job and give back at the same time. And since this can be done remotely no one has to worry about social distancing. You’re helping others and your business – it’s a win-win! Marketing expert Neil Patel has a great article over on his blog for a deeper dive on this topic and of course, we’re always here to help you bounce back and take steps towards success.

5. Review your launch strategy

Ready to launch? One option is to launch with a smaller line if you really have to get it out now. For instance, if you are planning to do a 10-piece launch, only launch two and see how it goes, and then launch the other eight later in the year.

It’s possible you’ll have to delay your launch by three to six months or even a year, depending on the season. Were you planning a spring line? Can you make it work by changing the color or fabrication and launch in the fall? What other slight shift can you make in order to make it work if you can’t afford to wait a year?  If you do launch later on, it’s important to start building your audience now, continue to build it up and then build some more. I’ve had people tell me they’re launching and they’re not at a place where I believe you should be for a successful launch. And where is that? I’ll give this away to all of you for free right now…

6. Numbers, numbers numbers

You need 5000 visitors a month to your website, 5000 emails on your email list and 10,000 people across your social media platforms. I don’t recommend launching without these numbers, and here’s why. Time and time again I’ve seen people without those numbers launch and then it’s crickets. It’s extremely important for presales, sales on your launch date and to keep momentum going after you’ve exhausted your friends and family courtesy buy. It’s a numbers game, plain and simple. Once you understand that, you’ll see the importance of building your audience, your social media, your website, your SEO, ads, and more. The bright side of this is you have time to build those numbers right now.

7. Review email marketing strategy, funnels and branding

Meet your customer where they are and make it relevant. Betabrand rebranded their “Dress Pant Yoga Pant” as the “work from home pant”, a brilliant move IMO. WWD reports that leisurewear has spiked 50% since we began sheltering in place. What do you have in your line that will meet your customer where they are?

Be transparent, acknowledge and empathize. What does your brand stand for, is your mission statement up to-date? Now more than ever, people want to feel good about spending. Spend some time redoing your “About” page and make sure to check your social media accounts too.

Also, now is not the time to put everything on sale. Instead, offer a freebie such as a protective mask in your cart and keep your brand visible like this client of mine is doing.

Newsletters have been offering tips from working at home or de-stressing from a long day with the kids. Think about your client and come up with some ways you can support them. Personalization is key right now.

How are you connecting with your customer? Get creative and host a movie night Facebook Watch Party, bring the pop ups to IG Live or engage your customers on twitter with a fun poll. #EmbarrasingThingIWore #Prom #Graduation #HowAreYouBouncingBack?

8. Build and strengthen your relationships with your manufacturers

Closed factories, inventory issues, delays with customs and shipments are just some of the issues we’ve seen. This is when having good relationships comes into play. We had a client awaiting his fabrics from Italy, and the owner of the factory called me directly and said, “Hey Christine, I know you are working with this client, and I want to make sure you are the first to know that we are running out of fabric and selling it on a first-come-first-serve basis. Now we are requiring your client to pay upfront, that way you can secure the fabric.” It’s because of our relationship with the owner that we were able to make it work for the client and why we have so many people wanting to work with us.

This is the time to up your communication with your factories. If you have stuff that is overseas, domestically, or whatever the case is, don’t panic. Keep in touch, discuss how you can work through it together and remember to ask about their well-being, because we are all in this together and they have the same concerns as you. Now is not the time to back out of your contract or ask for a refund. It’s time to really view this as a partnership with your factory, which you hopefully did from the beginning. Be honest and ask how you can work out a solution. The more honest you are with them, the more honest they are going to be with you, and that is only going to work out better for both parties. Good relationships are key now more than ever.

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What other steps are you taking to bounce back from Covid-19? Let us know below and stay safe and healthy. And don’t forget to join our Fearless Fashionpreneur Facebook Group and subscribe below!

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