How To Overcome Writer’s Block As A Fashion Brand

How To Overcome Writer’s Block As A Fashion Brand

Learning how to overcome writer’s block is important to everyone.

Whether you’re a fashion brand, a blogger, or just a student, you will at some point need to write some form of copy.  Which means many of you probably have already encountered something called writer’s block. It’s inevitable and happens to us all – from writing email copy, captions on social media, blog posts, or product descriptions, there is a lot of copy that constantly needs to be written. You may feel as if you don’t have a creative bone left in your body, or you’re just not sure what to write about next, which leads to wanting to just give up. Since so many of us struggle with this, let’s go over some potential causes first before we dive into the solutions.

Causes of Writer’s Block

There are many causes of writer’s block, for each person it may be different. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Timing: It could simply not be the right time to write. Your ideas may need to stew a little longer in your brain before writing them down. On the other hand, you may realize that you’re a more active writer in the morning, or perhaps late at night.  Or maybe weekends are best for you. So be mindful of timing.

Fear: Many writers struggle with being afraid. They have a fear of putting their ideas and themselves out there for everyone to see and critique. Fear is actually a major reason some writers never become writers, so don’t fall into this! Learn how to conquer and overcome your fear here.

Perfectionism: This is something I find most creatives struggle with. We want everything to be just right before putting our pen to paper or even touching a keyboard. The problem is you will try to get it so perfect in your head, that you will never actually begin writing! Kill that perfectionist mentality and learn to be comfortable with it being 85% good enough.

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

I like to say that writing is an art, not a science. Therefore there’s not one single, proven way to cure this. However, there are a few things you can try to get you back on track.

Get Moving

Movement is critical when you’re trying to overcome writer’s block. You need to generate momentum to get out of your funk. When your blood is flowing, your mind is flowing, which will bring you the creativity and ideas you need. This can be anywhere from running or walking, completing a simple workout, or slow movements such as yoga. As soon as something comes to mind though, be sure to write it down so you don’t forget it.

Eliminate Distractions

Writing requires a lot of concentration and focus, so you need to get in the right mindset. To do this, you must eliminate all outside distractions. Solely put your undivided attention and focus into the task at hand. Put the phone down!  No talking, texting, scrolling through social media, etc. Put yourself in a quiet and comfortable location with limited background noise and limited interruptions by others. You may even have to change your environment completely in order to spark some new ideas.

Listen To Classical Music

Studies show that listening to classical music can actually improve brain function with memory and concentration. Many people use this as a studying trick to retain information for a test or presentation. Give this a try next time, or spruce it up with some jazz. I personally listen to some type of music with headphones on when I write, and it definitely does help me keep my focus and thoughts flowing!

Start Freewriting

As mentioned before, a major cause of writer’s blog is perfectionism. However to overcome it, you just have to allow your thoughts to flow on paper. Start a draft with some rough phrases, brainstorm ideas with bullet points, just get some form of writing down. You could even just pretend that you’re talking to your best friend.  It’s not permanent until you publish it, so you can always go back to it at a later time and make adjustments. I promise the right wording will come to you in time, just keep writing and reading what you wrote.

Step Away

It’s hard to sit there for hours on end writing flawlessly. It’s okay to take a break and step away from what you’re working on and come back to it later. But, make sure you are doing this properly. If you’re feeling writer’s block coming on, then do NOT end your sentence. You’re basically ending the thought process of your brain, and it’ll be close to impossible to start back up with the writing again. Therefore you should leave your writing mid-sentence, so you can get your thoughts flowing again when you return.

With these 5 tips, I am sure you will overcome your writer’s block in no time. Let us know which ones you are going to try!  Comment below, yes, stop being a stalker and leave us a comment. We really do want to hear from you!

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