A Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer/Coach/Blogger

People often ask me what it’s like having your own business and working from home. I usually respond by saying it’s not as glam as you think. You have to work harder than you ever have before and many times you look like this…


BUT at the end of the day it’s all worth it because you are building YOUR dream and you are your own boss! YAYYYYY!!!

So then I decided to track everything I did for an entire day just so that you could see what a day in my life is really like….


6:30am- Wakeup and pray!

aditlo-37:30am- Have my morning protein shake while at the factory assisting the cutter with cutting production. These chevrons have to be matched so I want to be sure they are done right!

9:00am- Post pics on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter of new prints coming out

9:30am-Leave factory and head to Staples to print postcards for Macy’s event tomorrow

New Print/Solid Options!!!
New Print/Solid Options!!!

10:30am- Picked up hangtag samples from my graphic artist, then I dropped off my pattern with my patternmaker to review

11am- Shopped in a bunch of fabric stores to get more print options so I can send swatches to buyers.  Texted intern to see how she is coming along with her tasks for the day.

12pm- Back to Staples to cut hangtags out and grab more card stock paper to use for mounting swatches

12:45pm- Answered emails regarding hang tags, approved the main label sample to be made, called fabric vendor about a print, texted a store buyer to confirm her top print choices, and somehow managed to inhale a salad at same time :(

1:30pm- Finished sewing my first sample, assembled swatch cards for the buyer, printed out the mockup hangtag and attached to sample.  Packed everything up to be sent out to the buyer!

aditlo-63:30pm- Spoke to Staples, they cannot complete my order as their postcard machine is down and waiting for repair :( Plan B= Print and cut the postcards manually and cry :(

4:30pm- Dropped off package for buyer at post office (before the evening rush which I can’t stand)

5pm- Called around searching for a good hang tag company, searched online for more options as well…Why is it so hard to get hangtags with a hole and string attached??? AHHHHH

6pm- Posted few things on Facebook

aditlo-76:30- Prepped for a coaching appointment with a client

7:30-8:30pm- Had a F.A.W. Coaching appointment where I helped my client prepare for a big interview coming up by doing a mock interview over the phone

8:30pm- Had dinner

9pm- Spoke to my love, read our Daily Devotion

10pm- Finished reading the rest of my emails from the day, wrote a blog post for tomorrow, conversed with people via Facebook & Twitter, and checked the weather for tomorrow

Illustration by Hector Casanova/Kansas City Star 2008
Illustration by Hector Casanova/Kansas City Star 2008


12:30am- Took a shower (taking showers at night helps me sleep better)

1am- Planned my day for tomorrow

1:30m- Bedtime….FINALLY…. zzzz

Then RINSE & REPEAT for tomorrow!

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